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Boeing 737 Max to fly again in Europe, angering some relatives of crash victims

Europe is set to lift a 22-month flight ban on Boeing Co.’s 737 Max this week after reviewing submissions by industry experts and whistle-blowers, angering relatives of some of the 346 crash victims, who say the move is premature ( さらに...

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supchingoo 3
Of course it is coming from France.
Silent Bob 3
Obviously you have to feel for the families of the victims, but if it was up to them the Max would never fly again. And that's just not how the world world works. Mistakes were made, bad stuff happened, they (investigators) got to the bottom of it, and now it's fixed. The process worked as it should, and hopefully we as an industry learned some valuable lessons.

I do find it humorous that the article title mentions angry relatives, but then never goes on to explain why or what they want addressed. It only provides a single quote from the victims' group which also gives no specifics as to why the Max should not be flying.
supchingoo 1
Exactly, similar to those automakers who had cars with the whole sudden acceleration.
Andromeda2017 0
But the process did not work and hundreds of people lost their lives as a result.

What has happened is that passengers have not only lost confidence with this particular manufacturer but with the whole system and process of assessing and approving aircraft as airworthy. If the aviation industry thinks this episode will be erased from people's memories they are very much mistaken.


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