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United Flight Diverted due to Mid-Flight COVID-19 Emergency

United Flight 591 from Orlando (MCO) to Los Angeles (LAX) was diverted to New Orleans (MSY) after a passenger experienced a medical emergency midflight. The cited cause of the diversion was cardiac arrest, though it may have been caused by COVID-19. No report of the man's exact cause of death has been released, though his wife apparently told EMTs that her husband was experiencing COVID-specific symptoms including the loss of taste or smell before boarding and reported he had underlying… ( さらに...

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sharon bias 3
10 months of Covid being a main story on every TV show and news outlet, and these folks still decided to travel and endanger everyone else? I'm sorry that he died, but if he hadn't, he really needed to go to jail. -+That's the penalty if you smuggle a gun on-board.

airuphere 2
Noticed loss of taste and smell BEFORE boarding.. yet answered questionnaire and border anyway. Idiots like this are what is keeping this pandemic raging. You have symptoms - get tested and stay home. This bug has serious complications for some - we all have to be on our game.
sparkie624 0
Geez... When was the last time someone Died that was not some how related to Corvid...
Roger Anderson -1
Not newsworthy enough by media standards


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