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Texas helicopter crash kills 3 parks and wildlife employees

Three Texas Parks and Wildlife employees died in a helicopter crash Saturday while surveying the landscape for desert bighorn sheep, according to state officials. The victims were identified as wildlife biologist Dewey Stockbridge, fish and wildlife technician Brandon White, and veterinarian Dr. Bob Dittmar, according to a release by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) on Sunday. ( さらに...

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Richard Orgill 3
RIP fellow Texans.
mary susan watkins 1
my heart is heavy for the families of the three men killed in this crash (the pilot survived an is in a hospital in el paso)the helicopter,per reports,did not belong to the texas parks and wildlife department,but was a contracted one..i have family members who worked for texas parks and wildlife and that group of people are dedicated to the wildlife preserves,the movements and locations of sheep,goats,the feral hogs,and many bird species,as well as the state parks and their care and use..they are a great,dedicated group of people..may the 3 persons killed rest in peace..


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