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Air New Zealand said it wants to launch the first-ever airplane bed for economy passengers

Airlines typically try and sell pricey business class seats by advertising gourmet in-flight meals, fine wines, and luxe service. But the biggest appeal of the front cabin is a seat that can fold flat into a bed, letting you sleep in relative comfort on a long flight or a red-eye. But if Air New Zealand has its way, the lie-flat bed will finally find its way to coach. The airline unveiled a new prototype sleeping pod on Tuesday, which it said presented an option for putting beds in the economy… ( More...

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Excellent idea!. Would have worked well in by gone days when passengers had manners.
Pecos Llama 5
Sounds like a fun time for bedbugs!
Duane Osman 6
Will there be enough room for my security pet alligator?
ian mcdonell 4
As if cabin rage isn't increasing already, those who don't want to pay for the beds will make it unlikely that those who do will get any sleep
Chris Maguire 5
Be just my luck to share with a half-drunk snorer...
Brent Vegors 2
It COULD be better used IF they sold a "Bed" for say 5 hours per person. On a 17 hour flight that would allow 3 turns thus leading to 1) minimal competition for Business or First Class products 2) increase revenue generated by the product 3) allow at least 18 PAX to take advantage of the service. Heck, if you dropped it to a 4 hour you could potentially create 4 turns on the product BUT that would really be pushing the limits for turnover by staff especially during the last 2 hours prior to landing. Just a thought. I do have to agree with Duncan regarding manners in this day and age of flying.
cowboybob 1
Hot-bunking? Perfect...not on my next European vacation.

It will only work if you have your own comparment or your own family of four. There is less security when you are sleeping. Who is watching out for you?
Six bunks for economy class.....
Either configuration of the aircraft has 248 to 284 economy seats (seatguru website info), so who gets to use the bunks?
Roy Hunte 8
Maybe take turns, 5 minutes per person. Haha
dba74m 4
The people who paid for them
Lori Cope 2
I think a section with lazyboy recliners makes more sense than beds. The thought of beds on a flight seems just odd.
Dale Rowett 5
I fall asleep in my recliner all the time. When I wake up, I go to bed. Then I can't sleep. So I agree.
WhiteKnight77 1
This is an idea from years past. DC-2/3s had the skysleeper deal for cross-country flights back in the day.
a mentor 2
BRAVO WhiteKnight77:

It was 1955, back when Boeing Stratocruisers, Lockheed Constellations, and Douglas DC-6s had sleeping accommodations for transatlantic passengers.


Hey, passengers would board in suits and business dress too.
Chris Maguire 3
And they didn't recline a seat into your face ...... or bring obnoxious seat-kicking brats aboard
WhiteKnight77 2
Airlines would also take a man's coat and hang it up. NOwadays it is like pulling teeth to do such unless you are in first class and even if then.


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