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Owner: Kitten froze after waiting in cargo hold

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Heather Lombardi paid nearly $300 to fly Snickers, an 11-week-old, 3-pound hairless kitten, from Utah to Connecticut in climate-controlled air cargo. By the time kitten and owner un . . . ( More...

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Wingscrubber 0
Toby Sharp 0
Snickers are better frozen anyways
Cal Keegan 0
@Toby - insensitive but very funny
Toby Sharp 0
complete and total joke, i feel for the owner. poor kitter cat
houndog528 0
What a disgusting and moronic comment, Toby. Shows what a classless human being you are. Have some compassion for this lady. She lost a member of her family. You and Cal both need to grow up!!
Toby Sharp 0
chill out dude.
Rich Brown 0
I'm not a big cat fan, but this story is disturbing, it's a shame and someone needs to be held accountable.
Toby Sharp 0
indy2001 0
Insensitive comment, Toby, and NOT funny. If you wouldn't say it to the owner's face, then don't say it at all. And chill out dude isn't funny either. You've got a warped sense of humor.
P.J. Gibson 0
Apparently, you are one insensitive moronic person.....and I hope you are not a pet owner....God help the pet, if you are. Shows what kind of person you really are! That type of death is a very painful and suffering better hope and prey if would never happen to you or someone or something you cared about.
Michael Yockey 0
This story broke my heart, but don't overlook the customer service lesson here. These customers paid a handsome fee for rush service; $70 to be precise. It isn't that the service was rendered poorly or incorrectly, it's that it was not rendered at all. Let this be a lesson to those who may think they're merely a cog in the wheel among wheels in the system: your failure does matter, willful or not.
Matt Comerford 0
Are you guys being serious? I have 3 cats and love 'em... but Toby's joke WAS funny... cmon!
Toby Sharp 0
P.J. Gibson 0
You call Toby's joke funny? What joke? I don't see the humor? You must be an idiot.
Toby Sharp 0
oh my.......have fun living your super serious life, relax. im sorry to offend you, it was a stupid joke and bad timing. Sorry
Matt Comerford 0
I wont accuse you of being an idiot, P.J.... but there are those in the world that put candy bars (ie Snickers) in the freezer/fridge because they prefer cold chocolate. The name of the poor kitty who froze in this article is named Snickers. Get it yet? I take Toby's joke as making fun of frozen candy bars, not dead cats...
Toby Sharp 0
Thank you. I think what happened to that cat is absolutely terrible! but im just pokin at the cats name. In Texas, we love frozen Snickers and an ice cold Dr. Pepper.
Iskra 0
Well airliners are for people. If the animal doesn't ride in the cabin with people then we should blame the animal owner. The cargo compartment and the BAGGAGE handlers are not designed to handle animals. The owners need to have more common sense. If if the animal survives I'm sure many days are taken from its useful life due to stress (heat, cold, dehydration, mental, ect). I am an airline pilot and have seen many stressed animals over the years. I would never, repeat never send my animal in the cargo compartment of a passenger airplane unless it was life or death. And it just might be death.
I will just say that people who put thier animals in the cargo bins of the aircraft really do not care much for them. In my career of over 39 years I have more than I care to remember and most of it happens from airline employees not doing thier jobs correctly.
Not to consider that the way things are these days , delaing with contracted out ramps ramp workers who seem to have a lack of concern when handling animals and the fact that the cariers mentioned in the story seemd more concerned to mention the number of animals carried and that the fault of this incident was not thier fault. Some things never change even after 39 years airline work
Skye777 0
I would NEVER put my Fur Baby in Cargo. She flies in the cabin with me or not at all. Also, if you adopt from a local shelter and not pay thousands from a breeder in another state you don't have transport issues to contend with anyway.
Alan Wilson 0
Hopefully if this article does anything, it will suggest that stupid people should stop procreating.
PilotGuy251 0
Aw now this is very sad only 11 weeks old.
Sylvia Klein 0
It might be appropriate to point out that Delta is the airline that has more lost pets and dead pets than any other carrier.
Toby, if I would have seen this right away I would have beat you to the punchline. Too funny! There's nothing more satisfying! I just didn't realize there were that many politically insensative folks that followed the world of flight. I guess I'll pull my investment money out of the Michael Vick Airways venture.
bonehead 0
Leave Toby alone. After all, he is from Texas!
markdeyster 0
Sylvia - Delta's numbers may seem high, but I think that's because many airlines won't transport animals anymore.
Dan Nealy 0
For those saying she should have carried the cat with her: She was not on the flight with the cat; she paid to have the cat shipped to her (and apparently paid extra to have extra care taken in the handling), and picked it up at the airport. Terrible.
Tyler Fowler 0
Come on, you guys! I have 6 cats, all of whom I love dearly, and even I got a chuckle out of Toby's JOKE!!! Chill out and enjoy a frozen Snickers!
John Burnham 0
there really isnt anything funny about death whether it be a human or animal. im a former a baggage handler and now aircraft mechanic. i as a pet owner wouldnt fly my dog or cat in cargo personally. i have seen how baggage handlers "handle" your luggage and or pet. some are gentle and some dont care. a life was lost to a family, nothing funny about this at all.
Toby Sharp 0
YES I AM! proud of it! (Matt)
bonehead 0
Sorry to hear that Toby.
John considine 0
Toby's joke was not as sick as breeding furless cats.
Personally John c, a kitty is much more enjoyable to play with when shaved.
Joel Rodriguez 0
@ Tumbleweed: Wow guys, lets keep this thread clean... lol

As for Toby's comment, it was tacky, but he apologized and meant no harm, so lay off the kid.

Lets all not forget that the point of this article is that we all value our pets as family, and that we really need to plan out traveling accommodations for them. They depend on us for their safety and well-being.
Thanks Joel; point taken. However in this world of political correctness; it's hard not to let the humor fly when you're pitched softballs across the plate! Have a pleasant weekend everyone.
mike yarnott 0
delta should make it right once a vet can confirm hypothermia as COD, no questions asked. while money won't bring the cat back, maybe the owners can use it towards another pet.
I agree with those who have seen so many animals suffer from being shipped. I, too, flew for a major carrier and I would NEVER put my pet in the cargo compartment. I have seen so many animals sitting in crates on the ramp next to the plane in freezing weather waiting to be loaded while the high pitched jet APU was scaring the living daylights out of those animals. Every animal was shivering in torment and I always wondered how heartless (or just ignorant) those owners were. Think of how little the airlines of today care about the passengers and think how less they care about animals.
Sally Kirchoff 0 kinda took the words out of my mouth... It's sad what happened and I feel bad for the owner... but it's done.. Laughter is the best medicine and hopefully poor lil Snickers will pave the way for safer air travel for other animals. I want a Snickers bar! ; )
bill connery 0
50,000,000 unborn babies killed in the us and nothing said,how very sad.
.......and one guy names bill connery that pulls stats out of his backside. Comment about the frozen cat and keep your dismal comments to your lonely self.
Robbin Barkley 0
Ground transport your pets


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