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Toronto's Pearson airport poses serious crash risks

The Transportation Safety Board is recommending that the layout of two runways at Canada's busiest airport be changed to lessen the risk of collisions between aircraft. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 4
Most of the anxiety comes from the arriving aircraft not holding short of the stop line on the next runway and the nose sticks into the departing runways airspace. Inattention and unfamiliarity generally accounts for most of the issues as YYZ has some of the best ATC personnel on the planet!
gordon turner 2
GTAA=Greater Toronto Airport Authority, but the joke is GTAA= Go To Another Airport. The personnel are great sure, but the rules that they operate under not. Its like its purposely set up to create confusion and long taxi's. For no good reason. Yes it needs fixed!
Why dont they use the 24L/5R runway for takeoffs and 24R/5L for landings? This would lessen the cross traffic, no? Or is there a logistical reason that I'm not aware of?
Highflyer1950 1
Expediency, departing aircraft would still have to cross a runway one at a time and you can only have one aircraft on the other side ready to depart, instead of a whole line.
Skybrary has a well-informed fact sheet about the design and ops of parallel runways:
belzybob 2
That's what happens when you have parallel runways too close together.
SmokedChops 4
-.-- -.-- --.. (hat tip to Neil Peart) Perhaps more extensive training and flashing text in the EFB stating "You are aboot to go out of your lane! You are cordially invited to hold short. Please and Thank You."
strickerje 1
As mentioned, lots of airports have parallel runways, and from the diagram, it looks as though in this case the outer runway is for landings and the inner (closest to terminal) is for takeoffs, so departing aircraft don’t have to cross the landing runway while an aircraft is on approach. (Arriving aircraft cross in between takeoffs.) Doesn’t each crossing of the inner runway have the double flashing yellow lights? If so, then the only issue I can see is, if the runways are close together, aircraft may poke into the inner runway while attempting to fully clear the outer one. (SFO is like this since its runways extend onto a narrow manmade peninsula.)

Another thought occurs to me, though this wasn’t mentioned in the article - I assume where there are parallel runways used for simultaneous takeoffs and landings, the approach lights to the takeoff runway are turned off so as not to confuse pilots on approach?
Indeed, as it takes two to Tango.
padrooga23 1
STOP written on the ground, like we have at Stop signs on the roads? Simple fix?
Highflyer1950 3
Except that ATC may clear you to cross the runway without stopping or the signage may be obscured with snow or darkness. Might be better to not accomplish any after landing checks while the aircraft is in motion ensuring at least both sets of eyes are looking outside until clear of all runways..
padrooga23 3
I'll buy that, and your suggestion makes the most sense. I do understand that it could be obscured at times.. but a little reflective paint is a cheap assist, and it couldn't hurt. Gives them an aim point when they are told to stop.
The article says these rapid-exit taxiways in Toronto are of an 'uncommon' design. I don't see whats very different about the layout at Toronto versus other airports that have parallel runways and high-speed taxiways. Other than the runways being closer that other airports. Am I missing something??
jcalvagna 1
The article says YYZ "is "different from almost every other major airport in North America" and has several "uncommon" design features". Yet LAX has an almost identical configuration for the north runway complex as can bee seen here:,-118.4114156,2629m/data=!3m1!1e3

The LAX south runway complex does include an intermediate taxiway between the two runways. I've never seen any evidence it is inherently safer but perhaps that is the case.

LAX uses the inboard runways for departures and the outer runways for landings. I've landed on the south complex dozens of times and almost always the aircraft stops prior to the inboard runway and waits for a departure to clear. Seems like it's pretty much SOP.

I don't see how they can claim YYZ is uniquely unsafe when the second busiest airport in North america has virtually the exact same layout.
strickerje 0
ATL is set up similarly, and it seems to run pretty smoothly for how much traffic it handles.
Off the subject, but does anyone have a comment abut the takeoff incident at JFK last week?
william baker 2
Ya it’s called another post on FlightAware.


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