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A330-900 secures beyond-180min ETOPS approval

Airbus has secured a further extended twin-engined operations (ETOPS) clearance for the A330neo from the European Aviation Safety Agency. ( さらに...

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jptq63 1
Asking, as I do not know, but could try some good guesses, which I am trying to avoid, as major, popular, or just interesting routes aircraft (any type) would fly in excess of 180 minutes? What about the 330 minutes granted? Maybe new / modified routes, if given permission, as a means to save fuel and time?

30west 2

The first ETOPS flight, a 120 minute rule flight, was conducted in 1985 by TWA in a B767-200 on a flight from KSTL-EDDF.

Twenty years later, the first 330 minute rule ETOPS flight was conducted by Air New Zealand on Dec 1, 2015 in a B777-200 on a flight from NZAA-SAEZ.
jptq63 2
30west - thank you. Please correct if wrong, but seems Southern Hemisphere East to West to East (i.e. Southern Polar routes) seems to be most or maybe most benefited with the 330 ETOPS. Maybe NZ or Australia to US or Africa as well. Just wonder how busy these routes are in terms of demand.
30west 2
jtpq63, from what I have read, I believe you are correct. There are flight from the US over the Northern Polar region to India, I'm not sure if they need 330 min ETOPS. Most likely 240 minute.
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Engines Turning Or Passengers Swimming.
Cansojr 1
The ETOPS program certifies a jet to fly 180 minutes on one engine. The first aircraft certified was the first series of 767's back in 1987 the year I got ughhh that I got ETOPS there it crashed and burned.
30west 3
Cansoir, not quite correct on what ETOPS approval means. Hope version 2.0 is working better than 1.0!

For example, a 180 minute ETOPS approval allows the jet to operate beyond the standard 60 minute suitable airport distance limitation imposed on airliners with less than three engines, allowing two-engine jets to operate as long as it is always within 180 miniutes flying time (in still air), on one engine, of a suitable airport.
Cansojr 2
Thanks for clarifying my error.
30west 2
My pleasure, anytime.


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