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Airbus Plans Tweak to Fend Off Boeing's New Mid-Size Jet

Airbus SE will offer a modified version of its A330neo wide-body designed for shorter trips in an effort to undermine demand for a new middle-of-the-market plane that Boeing Co. is expected to launch next year. ( More...

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jbermo 2
So a cheaper "band-aid" approach is Airbus's answer for their midsize jet. . . How often in history does a band-aid designed airplane ultimately prevail?
dgarofalo 5
Hamilton said the mere fact that the A330 is still around shows that the 787 “failed in its mission,”

If the 787 is a failure can someone please tell me what a success is?
WOW let me get this straight. We Change the affixed stickers on the engines lowering there capacity, Change the sticker on the airframe to lower its gross weight because the engine sticker was derated and it creates an entirely new competing aircraft?

hmmm how many airbus engineers and how long did it take them to come up with that idea?

I don't think the major air carriers will figure this one out any time soon. Still the same old plane that didn't make a splash this first time with new spots.
linbb -1
Oh Airbust tries anything to take sales away from Boeing and since the EU has to support it due to them suppling labor its always smoke and mirrors.
jmilleratp 2
Boeing would not be what they are without the TONS they make off of taxpayers with their Defense Department contracts.
Gary Bennett 1
And your point is that Airbus has no defense contracts making tons of money off of the EU taxpayers???


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