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American Airlines 'unaware' of some Boeing 737 MAX functions until last week

American Airlines Group Inc (AAL.O) said on Wednesday it was "unaware" of some functions of an anti-stall system on Boeing Co's (BA.N) 737 MAX until last week. Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued guidance on the system last week after a Lion Air jet crashed in Indonesia on Oct. 29, killing all 189 people on board. The FAA warned airlines last week that erroneous inputs from the system's sensors could lead the jet to automatically pitch its nose… ( さらに...

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Jim Myers 11
Sounds to me like whoever made the decision to keep that info to themselves needs to be charged with one count of negligent homicide for every death on the Lion Air flight, and fine Boeing itself about $1,000,000 per death. Maybe that will convince Boeing that airlines and pilots actually deserve ALL the known information about the systems in the planes they buy and fly.
While I agree with the idea of hefty fines for Boeing if it proves true they withheld this information it bothers me more than a little that the FAA, and thus we Americans, would essentially profit from these deaths. If any such fines were to be levied I would like to see the full amount of the monies being put to use that would directly benefit the families of those who perished. Scholarships, health clinics, other improvements to their communities would also be appropriate.
Hear here, Bernie..that is also what I was thinking.
Ummm...too little too late perhaps? Does Boeing not think that kind of info may be informative to pilots? If American was unaware of some functions, Boeing missed its mark in the manual.
bbabis 6
Boeing, and all aircraft manufactures in general, are trying to build airplanes with systems that will not allow a crash no matter what a pilot may do. This is an impossibility and they are far into the land of diminishing returns. After shakers and pushers, something that moves the trim system is just overkill and that is exactly what they accomplished to the tune of 189 souls. If a crew would fly an aircraft into a situation that actually would trigger this system's use, they would have already missed three or more warnings of slow airspeed. Would one more do the trick? How about a rolled up newspaper that drops from the overhead and swats you in the face? It is not just diminishing returns, they are now on the wrong side of returns with little chance of catching up. What part of "The best safety device in any aircraft is a well trained crew" don't they understand?
FAA & All other Certification agencies, along with Boeing missed their respective ‘Due Diligence’ in this event. Basic Manual plot skills are also in question as automated systems of today removes that “hands on” feeling, sharpness required in an emergency situation.
They should all have to answer to the courts!
good grief! when a person buys a new car,you want to know all of the buttons,controls and whatever else happens to be in front of you on the also generally want to know about the engine and any and all computer systems the vehicle might have..i cannot believe that one of the largest carriers around,american airlines,would purchase new aircraft without having all of the "specs",computer systems,etcetera checked out and written out for the maintenance personnel and the pilots who might be flying that has a lot of explaining to do, and so does American for not asking more spite of new technology,we still need trained pilots who know what they are dealing with!!
How are they supposed to ask about a system that Boeing never even documented the plane having to begin with? What an asinine comment.
How is that an asinine comment?..if you ask about an aircraft's specs, should the manyfacture not be obliged to tell EVERYTHING about that craft, whether the buttheads forgot to place it in a manual or not? And if they did not indicate the system, even verbally, that is going to be an even greater strike mark against them.
thank you appears as though making an intelligent observation is "asinine" to some,and since I seemingly am the only female making a comment here,mr rb must not think a woman would or should have intelligent questions regarding the "specs" of an aircraft newly manufactured..the point behind the flight aware website is to comment and question on posted articles,not to insult others who post...


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