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Textron Unveils Denali Turboprop Cabin

The Denali’s interior breaks the mold when it comes to single or even twin-engine turboprops. Entering via the forward airstair and past the refreshment center, you definitely feel more like you are boarding a corporate jet—and not a small one. ( さらに...

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To chalet, Yea, if you like TSA and hours to wait for departures!
chalet 1
Sometime ago I was invited by a close friend to take a 10-hour trip (two legs of 5 hr each back to back) with him on his Cessa CJ Citation. I had never flown on a corporate jet before. Indeed there was no TSA hassle on the way over, customs in Canada was a cinch and so on. This was just fine, but let me tell you, to splurge $15 million on a narrow and low ceiling thing, that going to the tight washroom trying not to bother the rest with emmissions of various kinds, and not being able to walk around every 2 or 3 hours as the doctor prescribed was just plane hell. Perhaps a Gulfstream 650 should be more comfortable but the cost is mind boggling.
bizprop 1
Obviously a shot across the bow of Piatus and the popular PC12.
Cessna late to the party, as usual. I sat in a mock up of a Pilatus at the 1993 AOPA Expo, 25 years ago. Ever since it was bought by big company interests the innovation meter is about a 0.50. The heady days of the original Cessna Citation 1972 are long gone in Wichita.
chalet 0
No matter how you slice and tweak with it, this is a narrow interior which makes 3-4 hour long flights very unconfortable. Fly first class or Business and it will be cheaper and far more enjoyable on long trips.


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