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American Airlines bans emotional support amphibians, ferrets, goats and more

First United Airlines barred an emotional support peacock from boarding. Now American Airlines is telling passengers some of their service and emotional support animals — including goats, hedgehogs and tusked creatures — can’t fly. ( More...

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PaulN2719 11
Darn it, now I can't bring my emotional support elephant on my next AA flight. Whatever am I going to do?
Eric Powell 6
They should adopt the USPS flat rate model.. if it fits, it ships. If Dumbo fits through the TSA scanner let him fly.
paul gilpin 2
refering to pauln2719 emotional support animal as Dumbo is hurtful and uncalled for. you are obviously racist.
joel wiley 4
That is specieist unless you are having troubles with the sarcasm font /s
canuck44 21
This is very man's "service goat" might be another man's girlfriend.
Eric Powell 10
Baaaaaaad joke :)
tcavin 9
these support animals are a joke....I sat behind a large pig on an AA flight. If you require pigs to fly (pun intended) to get on a plane...take the bus
SFOBro 7
I don' thave much good to say about AA, but this is actually a reasonable move. I'm afraid to actually read the article though........I'm sure the caveats are fun.
Yes, miniature horses are still allowed!!!!
Probably cuz horses are now being used as real service animals (as opposed to being just an emotional support type animal)...they actually can remember more commands than dogs can.
Dave Nosek 1
Would still like to see it on the floor in front of the passenger or do they plan to have it sit in there lap.
linbb 12
About time these people leave there pets at home or travel by some other means. Dumb people feel entitled to bring pets they don't need under the guise of service animals.
Willie Wonka 6
That's just great. My tusked creature was so looking forward to his trip to the homeland. I even told him he could bring Harvey his pet hedgehog with him. Now the trip will be three times as long in my VW Minivan.
tcavin 4
no more unicorns
joel wiley 3
Harvey is a service animal, providing comfort to your tusked creature.
srobak 5
It's about damned time. How this ever came to be in the first place is a major mystery - and an even bigger mistake. There are genuine, trained, certified, registered service animals - and that's it. People need to start pulling the snowflakes out of their asses.
paul gilpin 4
i have never seen the simple explanation for allowing these so-called animals on board a commercial aircraft. i have asked people and looked it up to no avail.
a couple paragraphs in this article and it states this is a federal law.
stick a fork in the US.
we're done.
What if an animal is afraid of they get a support human? Maybe, JUST MAYBE, people need to rediscover their backbones, ya suppose?!?
SFOBro 5
Tusked ("Emotional Support") Creatures. Um, ,it's........uh....
I think we've officially lost it. I miss America.
Dan Grelinger 2
If you miss America, you really should move out of San Francisco.
Eric Powell 2
What is this... a real world zoo tycoon?
Kevin Haiduk 2
I saw a 'support' dog at the doctors office yesterday. Does that belong in a doc's office?
I did too recently and I'm allergic to them! It's ridiculous!
Thank you American! Only there was no mention of reptiles being banned. Hopefully that's an omission and they are banned, because if someone pulls out their emotional support snake beside me at 30,000 feet there WILL be an emergency landing.
If someone pulls out one next to me, there will be a culinary delicacy on the menu for that flight.
joel wiley 2
Is this limited to pax, or does it apply to aircrew as well?
MrTommy 2
Now, if they would just port some of this 'common sense' over to Walmart, Home Depot, and restaurants we could make some real progress. Aside from seeing eye dogs the rest of this is just so much BS.
ban all animals - in closed areas I do not need to have allergies stirred up on a flight. That is my emotional support at work.
MrTommy 1
Beyond seeing eye dogs (which have been around for decades), I don't see the sense in ANY of this crap. People walking around in every kind of store imaginable with their little yippers in their arms, or in a stroller (ye gads!). Gimme a break! Or their German Shepards or Irish Wolf Hounds . . .
Larry Winfrey 1
"and some suspect at least certain flyers use the designation to skirt rules governing household pets" REALLY? Just "some" suspect? I loved the fact that the lady with her ESA had to hold him the entire time because "he is afraid of flying". Now that's emotional support.


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