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Emirates to exercise 16 options for the A380

Hamburg - On April 11, Emirates announced that it would commit to purchasing options for 16 A380 from a previous order that gave a kiss of life to the barely demanded superjumbo of Airbus. ( さらに...

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I didn’t think we would ever see another A380 order after the A380neo fell through.
We have our first A380 flight in late May, now that BA have switched A380 onto the LHR-ORD run. So, in place of our familiar upstairs cabin on the B744, we have to work out the best Club World seats at the top of the (front) staircase all over again. At least the front upstairs bathrooms appear to be the biggest anywhere on any airframe - one advantage of all that bulbous space above the drivers!
I’ve had the pleasure of flying LAX to LHR on a BA A380. The lack of vibration and noise was remarkable, and we were on the lower deck which is supposed to have more of both. The experience will more than make up for the unfamiliar cabin.
Chris B 1
Boston had A380 flights from London with BA. It might be a summer only thing. My last two flights were in 747/777
The A380 far exceeds the B744 in passenger comfort in any cabin, but the quietness on the upper deck is remarkable. You'll see!
Doing LAX/MEL on Qantas A380 this week. Done this flight numerous times on a Dreamliner so really looking forward to my first A380 experience. Just me and 400 or so of my closest friends!
If I was in business I would take the B787 (QF or other airlines) but in economy or premium economy I would take the QF A380 every time.
We took a BA 787 to Montreal in August 2016; we were in 1J and 1K just behind the driver (where the fuselage straightens from nose to main profile). There was quite a bit of wind noise and everything creaked. Stewardess commented "yes, they all creak".

But, if it reduces the seat cost per mile, then plastic mid-sized planes have a marketplace advantage.
Ia gree that the 380 is a superior ride to anything else for long haul
A380 is far better than the Dream liner but still the 747 is the Queen of the skies.


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