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Man arrested after punching TSA screener in Indy

A Connecticut man has been arrested after exchanging words and punching a TSA screener at a security checkpoint at Indianapolis International Airport. ( さらに...

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good for him
That's 1 point For The People... 0 points for TSA...
indy2001 0
Too many unanswered questions yet to pass judgment. All I know is that I have had zero problems with TSA at Indianapolis International (my home airport) and I, too, have implants that require extra screening.
1 point for the people, 0 for TSA. That has me laughing, great line!
Understandable for security but they have no "Common Sense" or sensibility when it comes to the the American public.
sbirch 0
The TSA will not be able to avoid the increasing outrage at technological strip searches or fondling in the alternative. I am also sure the Feds will throw the book at this guy and bury him in the legal system. Hopefully the ACLU will come to his aid.
mattdavis 0
Easy now everyone. The article says, "It is not completely clear from the police report why Christina punched TSA agent." It's easy to assume why he did it, but, it's just an assumption with no real basis.
Wonder why? Wonder why people are willing to get naked and their probed in a Dr.'s office who knows them, know their address, know their phone number, etc. which would allow them to be a potential prey to a Dr? TSA agents do not know any of the travelers, or where they are from, or any personal data. So when comparing the 2 situations.......what is the big deal. At the same time I also wonder why cargo is not inspected or checked? TSA says because they are being shipped by confirmed shippers. Oh yeah??????? The shipper maybe confirmed shipper but who was the packer of the package? Is a faceless person somewhere in the USA of any business is less terrorist then a documented traveler? This entire process and TSA needs to be tossed out and re-think. It is just plain laughable anymore. The longer we are at it the worst it gets. My suggestion: have the local police of a person do a background check on the person, submit it to the state department and have everyone be issued a passport afterwards. Now the person is a certified (as best the police can determine) safe traveler. Each person should be compelled to travel only with the passport. NO PASSPORT = NO TRAVEL by any method of transportation. End of searches.


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