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PICTURE: Boeing Rolls Out 10,000th 737

Boeing has rolled-out the aircraft that represents the 10,000th 737 assembled in the Seattle area since 1967 – a 737 Max 8 in Southwest Airlines livery. ( さらに...

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Wonder if tariffs on steel and aluminum will slow that run down ? ? !
James T 3
Boeing 737 is a really old plane: Originally envisioned in 1964, the initial 737-100 made its first flight in April 1967 and entered service in February 1968.
A response to the DC-9
And may I add, it was a VERY good response...The 737 series is a world class aircraft that has a great history across the world.
The 737-100/200 is really old. The 300-500 are kinda old. The 600-900 are pretty recent and the MAX is new technology. While the 737 was envisioned in the 60's, the new ones are nothing like the originals except in name and general looks. Not a good comparison.
There is one measurement that is common to all versions. The cabin width is 139 inches, making for narrow seats in economy class.
I know that's right! Have you ever flown on American's 737's? I'm skinny and I still manage to feel like a sardine!
Very True, but in the 60's and 70's no one complained about it and was respectful... One big difference is that so many people are wider and think they have seat rights into other peoples seats.
Very true about the respect. There are some examples of the lack of it right on this page.
Gee, that was quick, the troll with the disrespectful comments is gone. Looks like my comment has lost its sense.

Anyway Sparkie, at the time there was a decent seat pitch, that compensated to a certain degree for the lack of seat width. Also, there was nothing better available, that’s different now.
The 737 has a 707 nose! Also Boeing calls the 737 max because it's MAXed out. Taking off you have to be careful on rotation not to scrape the tail. At high altitude airport the 737 is not a great performer. Boeing is just reinventing old technology. They need to spend some coin to move forward. It’s call progress!
why with a huge backlog of 737 orders ?
My guess would be because of the price or they have been using them for years. They are both valid reasons. Managers these days do things to improve the bottom line, particularly in the short term. Very little is done with the long term in mind. It doesn't pay for top management to do business that way for them. Get my bonus and move on is the management style in the majority of businesses in the modern era.
Early 737-100s & 200s were nick-named “Fat Alberts”. Rode many United & Piedmont birds in the 70s. Remembering the clam-shell reversers on the engines with many exhausts’ stains streaking the fuselages.
I remember another nick name as well: FLUF. Good taste, decorum, and propriety prevent me from saying what the acronym stands for!
Good news for Boeing, glad to see it... Great planes.
mkeflyer 1
SWA has probably operated at least 12% of the total fleet if we figure all the planes over the years. 200, 300, 500, 700, 800, 8 Max
sparkie624 -3
One good thing (And probably the only good thing) I can say about them, they are supporting a US Company vs the Air Scuds!
garritt 1
I guess you like spirit better
Seeing how SWA has earned my bottom rank and I have heard a few better things about Spirit, I would say yes.. but only marginally...
Wish it was the last !! 900 is a horrific beer can the 10 will be a nighmare
shrudini -2
Congrats Boeing!


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