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German man stopped at Swedish airport with ‘dangerous element’

Man in his twenties is pictured being led away by cops after allegedly trying to smuggle TATP bomb onto plane bound for another EU country ( さらに...

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Why do the assholes from FA publish this, it was debunked as BS a week ago!
Worse, the Sun's article was published three hours after The Local's "correction"!
travistx 3
Wait. The Sun published fake news? Who would have expected that?
Thanks, Bob Elmar ... WAFJ
tasmedic 2
I like how The Sun blames this on Amazon. Maybe amazon should also stop selling knives, in case people get stabbed with them, rat poison in case someone gives it to someone they don't like, cement for concrete in case someone makes a block to put on a railway line, etc. It's not the goods that cause the problem, it's the people using them to harm others. I think the security at the airport got it right in this case, and no amount of "banning" things will stop people with a grudge from doing harm to their peers.
Various stores like the big box hardware and other stones will sell you acetone "for paint removal and nail polish removal. And there are lots of stores that sell small containers of nail polish removers and hydrogen peroxide right next to each other. In your favorite store it is not 100% the peroxide a bomb might need. I have 3% peroxide in my bathroom cabinet.
I got pulled out of line after going through security at the wand scan, full body pat down, they took my shoes and swabbed them, the full Monty. Then asked me to open my carryon bag which they then swabbed down and took the swab over to some machine. Then they asked me to remove an item that was in the upper left corner of my bag. It was an unopened container of TRUVIA (a non-sugar sweetener I had purchased in NY for my coffee) still had the plastic seal glued in place. I told them what it was, the guy took it and swabbed it, went back to his machine, then started calling on his radio for a supervisor. Fortunately, my wife and I had allowed plenty of time to catch our flight but you still tend to get a bit anxious as you never know what goes through the mind of a TSA agent. Eventually, there were four agents huddled around "the machine" with a lot of discussion going on...I'm standing there in WTF mode, my wife is giving me the stink eye, people are staring and TSA is scratching their collective heads! Eventually, the braintrust disperses and the agent tells me I can appears "the machine" was malfunctioning...but, get this!...he has to confiscate my TRUVIA because "the machine" alerted on it...the MALFUNCTIONING machine!! I really had to swallow a whole lot of choice words for him but figured it best not to press my luck (that stupid TRUVIA had cost about $9 for, like, 3 ounces of the stuff). So, are any of you old enough to remember when commercial flying was a pleasant experience?
I feel your pain, Neil. In the late 1990s I was transiting Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi en route to Dublin to visit a friend. She asked me to bring her "Sweet 'n Low" - an artificial sweetner that she couldn't find in Dublin.

The airport officials pulled me aside, quizzed me like I was a suspected terrorist, and confiscated the box of Sweet 'n Low packets. They were convinced I was smuggling an illegal white powder disguised as Sweet 'n Low!
I know this airport. Nice friendly security there are obviously good at what they do. Suspected explosive, acetone peroxide, is a powder with no nitrogen signature found in most explosives.
What is wrong with people that go near an aircraft with dangerous goods?

They should be caned in public before being taken into custody.
Can't wait to discover any religious motive or affiliation. Bet it's presbyterian.
Here's your religious motive:
There's STILL nothing about religion in that article.
Because religion has nothing to do with this case, mister wallace was simply jumping to conclusions.
I believe mister wallace was simply being facetious...BTW, if has to do with food, it's Baptist! (For those that don't understand, that's a joke)


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