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Florida set to rumble with over 30 'startling' sonic booms as NASA reveals plan to test supersonic flight at Kennedy Space Center

Tests will begin August 21, with flights from NASA's Kennedy Space Center Local residents and beachgoers may hear distant 'rumble' or 'startling' boom The tests come as part of ongoing effort to reduce sonic boom to a 'thump' ( さらに...

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I would love to just sit on the beach and listen to this all day long! lol
I saw the speed of light typo. What do you expect in the Daily Fail. It's not a particularly well written article but there is a lot of good information.
linbb 1
Used to happen quite a few years back when they were flying the SR71 out of Beal AFB around lunch time in eastern WA state. They were getting ready to turn final over Seattle for Beal I found out later.
I grew up in what at the time was West Germany, and lived in a low-level flight training corridor.

I saw various NATO jet aircraft (F-4 Phantoms, F-104 Starfighters, G-91 FIAT etc.) scream over the treetops on a weekly basis, and sonic booms (not from low-level flights of course) were also a common occurrence. Except for those events, it was a bucolic and serene place. As a kid I loved watching the aircraft and the noise didn't bother me at all.

The distant rumble that the Floridians are being warned about will go unnoticed by many, and be far quieter than any sport bike or Harley.
And at least half of them are probably deaf anyway. It is Florida!
Speed of Light? LOL.


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