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LA-Munich flight stops in Iceland to ditch unruly passenger

A Lufthansa flight from Los Angeles to Munich had to make an unscheduled stop in Iceland after a passenger became so unruly that the crew decided she was a danger to the plane. ( More...

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canuck44 16
Iceland is too easy to leave...the airlines really need a "Drop off the Trash" point in Greenland where the expense to leave would be huge not to mention the weather effect.
Torsten Hoff 14
I've said this before -- the airlines need to cooperate and create a industry-wide "No Fly" list for disruptive passengers. Airlines already ban passengers for life in some cases, but that leaves them free to throw another tantrum on a different airline.
David Mortimer 11
Lufthansa should charge her for additional fuel used to get in & out of BIKF.
Torsten Hoff 7
And who is going to compensate travelers who missed they connecting flights or trains?
Nicholas Huff 6
All things considered, an hour and a half delay on an LA to Munich flight including a pit stop to drop off a drunk lady isn't too bad.
indy2001 5
On the long westbound trip made completely during daylight, I'd agree with you. In fact the approach to Iceland is beautiful. But this was probably on an overnight eastbound flight, so I don't think many of the passengers would agree.
eccsandiego 5
Yep, indy2001, I agree totally. As a former resident of Paris for 20 years, I can vouch for the fact that it's bad enough to have to deal with the 9-hour jet lag from the US west coast to Central European Time, but to have my carefully-planned in-flight snooze time disrupted by such "unnecessary" incidents can really set me back even further.
James Fritz 3
Airlines should have a sound proof time out enclosure to keep the so unruly passenger until reaching the original destination. Person may need to be restrained for their own protection but would be neutralized and flight would be able to proceed normally.
Lee Sulecki 2
In the baggage hold?
Or in the dinghy towed behind. Airliners have those, right? =}
eddyandy 3
So where's the story?
mike SUT 2
It was in the headline...that's professional journalism for you.
I'm still sleeping thru this, in an upright or Lie flat position.....

[This poster has been suspended.]

How juvenile
Cost estimate anyone?
Leon Kay 1
Good for Lufthansa. A few years ago my wife and I were disgusted when a very unruly intoxicated passenger at Miami airport boarded our American Airlines plane on route to Las Vegas.
Before the plane took off we complained to one of the crew members about this passenger. The next moment the captain arrived and asked this individual a few questions. After listening to this troublesome passengers' answers with a very slurred tongue be was asked to leave the plane. He did not even know where he had placed his hand luggage. Fortunately my wife pointed it out to the crew.
Anne Mors 1
Lufthansa is responsible for either boarding an intoxicated or serving the individual too much on board.
The airlines will ALWAYS be responsible except for weather or war.
A retired airline employe with 32 years service
Tom Jones 1
I was on a flight from Chicago many years ago and while boarding, a female passenger became so unruly, Chicago's finest had to literally carry her off. Hats off to the American Airlines crew and the police and thank God it didn't occur at 35,000 ft.
toolguy105 1
Many years ago my wife and I were on a flight out of MIA. It amazes me as to what people think is funny. We are on line to check in. Two lines over one guy starts yelling "HI." A guy in the line in front of me yells back "Jack." They did this about three time the forth time they were wearing new jewelry.
OK, everyone, let's stop jumping to conclusions and calling for her to be banned.

The article didn't say she was drunk or throwing a tantrum, just that she "became unruly". She may have been mentally ill. I have flown many times with a family member who is mentally ill and the experience can sometimes cause her to become agitated and "unruly". We can usually settle her down, but a little empathy from fellow passengers and crew goes a long way.
"Unruly" can be as simple as refusing to close your window shade for the movie. Flight attendants can be quite hostile.
ken young 0
Good....Should ban her for life./
ken young 0
Good....Should ban her for life./
doug staab -1
I've asked many people and not one can answer why do we not properly train Flight Attendants to use non-lethal force. There are very few people that a Taser or stun gun will not stop. I can see that a stun gun may be dangerous to onboard systems 'if' one of the projectiles were to miss the assailant. Other than that why not? As in many instances just the presence of such tools may help mitigate these occurrences.
dval18 1
Korean Airlines does.
canuck44 1
Hong Kong Airlines trains their crew.


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