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Bombardier CS100 completed test flights to 5.5-degree London City approach.

Bombardier capped a series of CS100 tests at London City Airport (LCY) with a nonstop transatlantic flight to New York JFK on March 25, demonstrating the range capability of the smallest CSeries airliner from the airport closest to central London. CS100 flight-test aircraft FTV2 completed eight flights from LCY over two days on Mach 22-23, to validate the aircraft’s ability to operate into the airport, with its 5.5-degree approach and short runway. ( さらに...

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Take-off and landing at LCY

I will be surprised if BA doesn't order the C-Series. It would make a great replacement for the 319's they currently fly from LCY to JFK. The C-Series can fly non-stop to JFK whereas the 319 has to refuel in Shannon going west bound and the C-Series would offer superior cabin experience with it's quiet cabin, large windows, lower cabin altitude etc (basically a single aisle dreamliner) .
honza nl 2
BA flies A318's from LCA to JFK; not 319's.
The advantage of the fuel stop in SNN is that it also allows the passengers to pre-clear US Customs, resulting in a faster arrival in JFK.

It'll be up to BA to determine if that's a better product to offer the customer. Given that the LCY-JKFK is an all-business class aircraft operating a premium product/service, the expedited arrival may be a selling point.
Is the customs clearance in SNN significantly quicker than at JFK? If not, you're simply shifting the customs clearance time, and the direct flight will save time overall.
Absolutely. JFK immigration queues can be 2+ hours of waiting, especially around the peak times for transatlantic arrivals. SNN never handles anything like that volume. I know a guy who does the LCY-SNN-JFK flight regularly and he says the whole process, from deplaning to clearance and being back in his seat for the JFK leg, takes about 45 minutes. Then when he arrives at JFK he lands like he'd flown in on a domestic flight.
The A318 has to refuel at Shannon because of weight restrictions at London City, as well. It does depend on how efficient the CS100 is and the full range at max takeoff weight restriction there.
yes thats another website that you could go on! thanks:)
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that is true
Take off from LCY
indy2001 1
Does anyone know if the CS100 has any systems to dampen turbulence, like the B787's gust suppression system? The only time I flew BA's JFK-LCY route, nobody got much sleep because of the nearly-constant turbulence. It wasn't severe or even moderate -- the flight attendants got around well enough -- but it was just enough to keep the A318 constantly bobbing up and down. A fellow passenger who said she flies that route frequently said our experience was more common than BA would like passengers to know. Other than that, the experience was very good and landing at LCY was very convenient.
Chris B 1
Swissair started flying cs100 into LCY a year ago.

Proving it can do the transatlantic flight without the stop in Shannon, will surely be a step up for BA flights BAW1 and BAW2
MH370 1
I understand that the transatlantic configuration is for 42 PAX. I doubt if too many airlines will be biting that bait.


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