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Incident: Air Canada runway excursion at YYZ flight AC623

An AC A320 left the runway during landing in heavy fog and a line of storms going through the area. No injuries reported. ( さらに...

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The flight:

The next day's ACA 623 was an E190.
The A320 seems scheduled to be back on the route on Tuesday

Left wheel damage, West side runway lights damaged. Tire damage --> excursion or excursion --> tire damage?
bettiem 2
I live near YYZ and at that day and time I wouldn't have trusted my car not to aqua/ice-plane sideways in wind gusts. Congrats to crew for professional control and recovery.
There were no gusts. The wind ranged VRB@02kt to 07. The 15s/33s are used for 'noise' at CYYZ at night. In gusty conditions NC switches to the 06/24s and 05/23. This pilot-flying plunked the left main gear tires on the grass, with 200' runway width opportunity, then wrestled it back on the tarmac.

It was the 200' ILS decision height. The crew chose to land. 3000-6000' RVR. Should be non-issue. But the PF only got the right side tires on the hard stuff, taking out a few lights, bursting left tires, and forcing Tower to overshoot two arrivals, with Tower and the arrivals on the ball.

As expected, TC won't investigate the matter beyond basic bureaucratic form filling. This is becoming an uncomfortable pattern for Air Canada.

It was very fortunate the grass was firm enough to handle the duff down. Had it been water saturated the gear would've been torn off, left wing smashing down, probably ripped clear.

The passengers were left aboard for 1 hour parked on 15R. None of the pilots or anybody from Air Canada ever offered an explanatory word to any. Only to remain seated.

This was incompetent flying. The pilots had visual on 15R at 200' and failed to manually track the centreline.
Hey jason didnt know you were here too.
linbb -3
Just amazing an Airbust problem reported on here and two others that made other news not. Smoke in the cockpit for one and batterys, yes those ones just like the Boeing ones in another.
Too bad this is more of bash one manufacture on here web sit anymore than a real reporting one.
Disagree that the site is a 'bash one manufacture' now.
Some posters however....


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