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Southwest To Buy AirTran For $1.4 Billion

The merger is the latest sign of consolidation in an industry that has witnessed numerous other mergers in recent years, including the Northwest and Delta, and the pending stock-swap deal between United and Continental. ( さらに...

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[ Southwest/AirTran acquisition web site -]
FlyBoyDC10 0
Works for me... I own AirTran stock.
Would this mean Southwest would use KATL as a hub in direct competition with Delta? That should be interesting.
Just paving the way for SWA to take Air Tran, then Allegiant. Then AMR buys SWA for its 737 and gates
Mark Duell 0
I'm somewhat opposed to the consolidation of carriers I don't fly on. Less competition for those I do.
Will Southwest fly the 717?!
I thought Southwest was an all 737 fleet. I'm intersted to see if they'll fly the 717s.
Im with Chip and Nick, I wonder is Southwest will trade in the 717's for 737's? A Southwest 717 would look pretty cool though!
papa91 0
Air Tran only has a handful of 717 left, so I think that SWA will just sell the remaining or cancel the leases on them. The cool thing to think about is will SWA change livery like United and Continent did.
erictarnow 0
We get the 717s at Bloomington, IL all the time. Can't wait to clear a Southwest flight for an approach, be it a 737 or 717.
I will be interested to see the effect on ORF and PHF. (Norfolk and Newport News)
markaz 0
Hate to see it happen. Capitalism at its greatest, but a business sector comprised of potentially 5-6 super carriers could have a bad outcome. I guess I really just hate to see names go away that we have all become accustomed to over the years. C'est la vie.
SWA has announced that they will keep and operate the 717's (there are 86 of them - AT's largest fleet). They may, in fact, pick up a few more if Boeing is successful in re-marketing the Mexicana birds.
markaz 0
That will be a cool looking bird. Have a link to the story, Mark?
No, it was in a company Q&A. I'm petty sure Gary Kelly said this on the analyst conference call too.
I am really curious if we will see an aircraft other that a B-737 in SWA livery! After all, that has generally been their unwritten "trademark"!
Yes, SWA has said that all the aircraft will be painted in the SWA livery beginning as soon as the transaction closes.
AccessAir 0
Guys, Air Tran has 86 B717s....they wont be going anyplace soon....86 isnt an handfull....the planes weill stay for the time being as the total consolidation of the two carriers wont take place until 2012.....AirTran customers will lose their seat assignments business class, but they will gain the Southwest's no bag fee policy...Im not so sure thats as important as having assigned seats and business class....We shall see how it plays out...Frankly, Im not oboard with the buyout.....
I love the fact that this will force other carriers to think harder about such things as baggage and other fees. It will be interesting, though, to see how SWA adapts to a non-Boeing designed aircraft, After all, 717s are just updated and upgraded DC-9s.
Yes, I imagone there will have to be some cross training involved, as pilots do retire (some sooner that I feel they should). The whole issue has always been the lack of commonality with the 717 flight beck among other aircraft. The DC-9 has always shared some with the DC-9, and there is no real counterpart for the 717. In fact, my observation is that the only a/c that even comes close in commomality is the MD-10 and 11, which as we know are a dying breed amoung UC carriers.
sorry, I meant shared with the MD-80, and US carriers...
Neuroguy 0
I just hope this means SWA service will finally come here to CLT! We need the competition here real bad.
USAIR will fight to the death to keep low cost carriers out of Charlotte. I lived there for almost 22 years and have flown back to see realatives and friends for almost 10 more years. The fares in and out of there are rediculous.
209flyboy 0
I have to agree with some of the comments about reduced competition. But, more importantly is the uccess that SWA has had as a reliable low cost carrier. If you'll notice, loser airline companies have merged again and again resulting in great economic cahos and finally bankrupcy. I sure hope SWA doesn't play that game.
Their marketing practices have been superb. They have only one kind of aircraft, 737's which standardises parts and replacements. Efficiency in repairs have been excellent and so has their safety record.
I'll fly the cattl car antime. I just want to get where I'm going inexpensively.
As for CLT, SWA has committed to serving every airport that AT serves with the sole exception of DFW which is prohibited with their Wright Amendment settlement. I'm sure we will also expand the city pairs that are served from those AT cities that are new to the SWA system.
Awesome... hope they don't drop KABE from the pattern... I'd fly SWA, but Philly is too much of a hassle, especially given my proximity to Lehigh Valley (I live 13,000 feet from the airport property [nicely nestled due west so I'm smack-dab between approach patterns--only flyovers are Medivac, small GA craft and a C-130 one weekend a month]).


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