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Sully the movie – one pilot’s perspective

For those yet to see the movie Sully, I highly recommend it. I came away entertained, and as an Airbus A320 pilot, pleased with the technical accuracy. Obviously the culling demands of screenwriting call for year-long investigations to be severely paraphrased and certain items were tweaked for dramatic effect, but all in all, it is a great film. But I walked away with something more. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 6
Just a reminder to everyone, please don't feed the trolls.
30west 4
Well said, your post may be "ALL CAPS" worthy.

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canuck44 5
A thoughtful and articulate evaluation.
ToddBaldwin3 1
I finally got a chance to read the review. I couldn't have said it better.
sueridge307 3
Top movie to see very well played
Agree with you Sue not a bad film
Bryce Johnson 2
I have not seen the movie yet. I plan on doing so, however, after doing some research I have to take the investigation afterwards with a grain of salt. The NTSB was not involved in any portion of the film and Sully's book hardly mentions the investigation. We all know that the investigative teams are going to probe the flight crew in-depth, but it sounds like Hollywood has turned them into the villain and as far as I can tell, this wasn't exactly the case....

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sparkie624 1
I am so far looking forward to seeing this movie... I have only been to one in the past 5 years, but this one is certainly going to make it 2.
Ric Wernicke 1
Sully trusted Hanks and director Clint Eastwood to portray the story on their own.

His trust was not misplaced. The movie is about as accurate a portrayal of a living person and actual event that can be made in a dramatic form.

See it twice on a big screen. It is worth it.
I haven't seen the movie yet but the trailer takes a jab at Sully at one point claiming that one engine was still producing power, even showing gauges where only the right engine is going down. Is this based on fact?
Bryce Johnson 1
There was speculation early in the investigation that it may have still been producing partial thrust and based on that could have made it back to the airport. This was later found to not be true...
@ Owen.
This is a beautiful comment which you just posted….
It shows that Sully is not one of a kind.
As good as he has proven to be, you show by your speech that there are many like him ( and like you ) out there.
This is reassuring for those who are still afraid to fly, and comforting for all of us , who work in the Aviation Industry.
I did not see the movie yet, but I bet that it will be a feast……

In the meantime, I would like to put the following links, which somewhat shows in a very funny way the respect the two "actors " (Tom Hanks and Captain Sullenberger ) seem to have for each other..
I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did…

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