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Delta IV Heavy: World's Largest and Most Powerful Operational Rocket Launch!

The largest and most powerful rocket currently in operation launched today from Kennedy Space Center! ( さらに...

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bentwing60 11
"The Delta IV Heavy's total mass at launch is approximately 733,000 kg (1,616,000 lbs.). For comparison the total mass at launch of the Saturn V used in the Apollo program was 2,970,000 kg (6,550,000 lbs.)". Kind of a popcorn fart compared to the Saturn V of the Apollo program. The thrust rating of the Saturn V launch vehicle was 7.5 million lbs. or so! Roughly 3.5 times that of the Delta IV. The launch weight delta is about 4, and the Apollo boys were goin to the moon, not LEO or transfer to orbit. Pretty serious machine for the slide rule dominated 60's. Rockets haven't progressed much more than airliners from the 707 days in more than one respect.
The Saturn's and the shuttles will never fly again, but do go see a Delta launch if possible. What never shows in the video is how bright the flame really is to the naked eye, nor the incredible speed of a million and a half pounds literally jumping into the air.

I can't figure out why they don't launch these from Australia? Since they are on the bottom of the world you would not need rocket fuel. Simply take off the rope and it would fall into space. :)
Ric, that was funny as hell! Hope you are doing well these days....
jbqwik 3
Pretty amazing what you can do with a slide rule. Not that I know how to use one but those Saturn V engineers sure did. Old school ain't so bad, eh?
I believe we are witnessing a revolution in rocket tech with Spacex. Reuasability has always been the key to making access to space cheap. Elon Musk & company are well on their way to making that a reality. If ULA, Ariane, Roscosmos, etc, don't get their act together soon, they'll be out of the satellite launching business in 10 years.
Sure beats watching Dancing with the Stars. Beautiful.
As one of those old timers I can vouch that we had more than just slide rules ... we had our RCA computer in the Saturn and Mobile Launcher ... all 25k of it.
jbqwik 1
Do you remember the Bomar Brain? It was the first pocket calculator.
How about a Curta. These are fascinating devices. Inherited it from my Dad who also gave me a slide rule and a few lessons when I was a kid.
I worked at KSC from 1968-1979, ground systems. The only launch I got to see was Apollo 17 (we were always on station from CDDT thru launch) They released our crew at 2300 after being on station for almost 18 hrs. I watched the launch from the VAB parking lot. It lit the sky up like daylight and the noise was incredible, an experience I'll never forget.We probably won't have that heavy lift capability again.
We watched the Delta IV launch last Saturday from the Cocoa Beach Causeway about 10 miles from the launch pad. Yes, the flame is very bright, but the roar of the rocket was even more impressive. It took a while for the sound to reach us but then roared until out of sight. I wish i could have watched a Saturn V liftoff. OBTW, we can see the rockets, actually the flame, from central Florida 60 miles away on a clear day.


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