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Airplanes To Begin Using Shortened Runway At LAX

LOS ANGELES ( — Several airplanes will begin using a shorter runway as a result of construction activity at Los Angeles International Airport, officials said Monday. According to Los Angeles World Airports, Runway 24L/6R located on the north side of the airport will remain shortened until September 2016. During this time, crews will make improvements to the Runway Safety Area, which is located on the end of the runway. It is designed to provide an “extra margin of safety” for aircraft… ( さらに...

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Not big news. Other runways much longer
Not big, but important. With most of the A380s coming into the north side, they'll use 24L for departure. If the A380s performance can't accept the near 1000ft loss, they'll have to taxi to the south side, which would encounter delays.

Suicide Ops would be affected as well, as they land 6R and depart 25R. And with the ILS 6L unusable and the PAPIs out of service, that puts arrivals on 6L. doable, but with V closed between E7 and E, arrivals would have to exit at W, which gives them a little under 7000ft of runway available.

And keep in mind that 24R/6L is the shortest runway at KLAX.

So this will put pressure on the south side, which is where the delays will come.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that the A380's required a 200 foot wide runway.
They don't. AFR, DLH, and KAL's A380s have been landing on 24R for a good couple of years.
Delays at an airport where delays are the norm :/
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Ok so they will get by one way or another until the full runway is reopened right?
They are. large aircrafts are using 24L Shortened. that still leaves a little under 10,000ft available. Some heavy jets are using it as well. AVA85 departed 24L, and it's an A332.
Isn't the A380's balanced field length at MGTOW @ SL in up to ISA +15 conditions somewhere around 10,000ft? I fail to see the issue here.

Most A380 takeoffs out of are probably not near the 391t limit, so in order to come to your conclusions one needs more data. Without it I'd say you're speculating that an A380 is unable to depart a 10,000' runway at Max power (non-flex) and fly to destinations served by A380s from LAX.
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Yup another slow news day already with some reposts starting things out.


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