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Attention Model Aircraft And Drone Flyers: FAA Issues Misleading Registration Guidance To Law Enforcement

In what is certainly likely to lead to harassment or even arrest of hobby flyers, the Federal Aviation Administration has posted incorrect and misleading guidance to law enforcement officers regarding the requirement for hobby flyers to register their model aircraft or drones. ( さらに...

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bbabis 2
The real reason is revealed.

It is all about money and control. Unregistered drones are worth much more to the powers that be than registered ones.
Chuck Me 2
Date clarification seems to be there. Not sure if FAA corrected or article intentionally misleading.

Either way, much ado about nothing.
linbb 1
And again because of a few those of us who have normal model AC have to register them. It started out as what they call quad copters, drones now its all model AC that weigh over a half pound. Stupid.
You mean it started out as "assault aircraft" (ie: "drones"), and now they're after ALL model aircraft? Where have I heard something like this before...? Oh yeah, gun control. But no, they'd never go after ALL the guns...

It's the government folks. If we give them an inch they'l take 27 miles, charge us a fee for the privilege, and look for excuses to take 27 more miles.
bbabis 2
FUBAR as usual from our G-people. We are reaping what we sew from our ceaseless effort to replace what works with what sounds good.
The site doesn't like ad blockers. Anyone have a direct link?
ADXbear 1
Just more stupid over reach by the government... as an 25 year AMA (American Modelers Assoc) member, we have had rules that our aircraft be marked with out membership numbers, we have insurance and fields that are set up for safety.. I find it just stupid to believe that people we just register or care about this rule, esp if they plan on flying out of sight... they certainly DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING bring the police to their door if their craft get loose..

HERE HERE ! I've been associated with AMA since 1972 ... grew up flying those rubber band clicking single channels. . . before that ... free flights ... making big circles around a ball field ... how do they think that person that is going to and is doing the type of flying they want to control is going to register anything ... drone .... firearm ... etc .....
I guess they'll require lasers to be registered next ... and why not ... since more of them get pointed to the sky in front of full size AC than RC's anyway ... I agree another example of government run amock . . .


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