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Liberal Win in Canada Dims Prospects for F-35 Buy

Canada will see a major shift in defense policy with the election of a new Liberal Party government and its planned withdrawal from the Iraq coalition air campaign and the US-led F-35 program. Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau promised both during the election campaign leading up to Monday’s vote. Trudeau won a surprise landslide victory, forcing the ruling Conservative Party government into the opposition ranks of the House of Commons. ( More...

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chalet 7
He is doing the right thing, tu not buy that lemmon and instead use funds wisely in proven and far less expensive fighters.
The F-18 Superhornet has served us well, and operates effectively in the Arctic.
make that 'would' serve us well :)
Kyle B-R 1
Canada does not currently operate the Super Hornet. The RCAF is still operating the older McDonnell Douglas Hornet variant with it's airframe lifetime ending in 2020.
hence my earlier correction.
matt jensen 3
Brains finally
Ed Boock 4
Canada's impact on the sales of US military aircraft is not critical.
As someone who was originally in favor of the F-35 (particularly the B and C variants), I think this is a good choice. The Lightning's performance is underwhelming. Sure it's stealth, and sure it is Carrier/STOVL capable, but those are the ONLY advantages it has. No viffing, overwheight, underpowered. Lockheed needs to go back to the drawing board.
chalet 2
The Brazilian Air Force just contracted the acquisition of 36 Grippen fighters at the mind-boggling cost of $ 125 million a piece; half of them to be manufactured in Brazil. If the F-35 current cost including engine is around $ 120 million then Brazilians did not quite get it a bargain-basement price. Thus the Super Hornet F/A-18F/E costing $ 60-70 million a piece would seem more attractive to Canada even do it is inferior to the Grippen as a fighter and possibly as a CAS solution. Time will tell.
Just a wild guess here, but I am betting you aren't a liberal, I close?
canuck44 -2
While it is a lemon and cancellation is the right decision, don't expect decision any time soon from a guy whose only previous jobs were snowboard coach at Whistler and a drama coach. This is Obama light. Expect a lot of fluff programs as Canada slides down the economic sewer like it did with his father.
Partisan politics aside, agree that this is the right decision, however, from a military tactical standpoint, it is an easy one. This airplane just does not deliver. The challenge now is that we are stuck with a fleet of very old fighters that are quickly losing their airworthiness. A quick decision is needed. Good luck with that in this country. As usual, we will rely on NATO, and specifically the USAF to protect us from Czar Vladi.
matt jensen 1
We need A10's to protect the homeland.
lol they are great in deserts....not so sure about arctic tundra....I've provided a link to an 5-year old but still entirely relevant article written by the Aussies. They hit the mail on the ahead regarding Canada's needs. We do not have a massive army that would require extensive ground support along the lines of what the F-35 was built for. Our needs should focus more on bomber interception and destruction. F-15s or 22s better fit the bill. We could probably only afford 5-6 F-22s lol...the key point here is that the US needs to recognize that its protection hinges significantly from keeping our west coast and arctic free of TU-160s, 95s and SU-35s, and the only airplane that can match up with the SU-35 is the Raptor.
iflyfsx 1
Protect from what? Polar bears?


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