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25 Awesome In-Flight Photos Taken by Pilots from the Cockpit

Some people just have cooler offices than others… offices with a view… an ever-changing view that can include everything from the aurora borealis, to gorgeous cityscapes, to well-lit concrete slabs flying by at hundreds of miles per hour. ( さらに...

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Those are amazing.
Great pics but I'm avoiding viewing anything on again. The Ads blocked most of the picture and I couldn't remove them. Ruined the viewing experience.
The picture of Hover Dam from the cockpit, is not Hover Dam as anyone who has seen it before would know, but still a cool picture of a lesser dam
I don't know if they've since changed the name of the caption but it says "(Hover) Dam." It's in a helicopter. I assume they are in a hover near a dam.
Hoover Dam, not Hover Dam
Ruger9X19 -1
A hover dam would be even better.
But it would be the incorrect name
What if they were hovering in a helicopter?
mike SUT 3
Never could understand the mentality of pilots like the last photo....covered all the windows, usually with their charts so they wouldn't have to sit in the sun. Totally blind on that side of the aircraft. I personally, wouldn't allow it in my cockpit...tell them to go sit on the jump seat if it is that bad. Given the every now and then mid-air, wasn't worth it.
Could land the pilot in hot water too. If you are in visual conditions, even if you are under an instrument flight plan, you are still responsible to see and avoid.
It would be nice to see the pix but the ads kept covering half the pix. Well, at least i saw what i'll make sure i'll never buy.
I'll just add my endorsement of AdBlock. I didn't realize it was being deployed here until I read these comments. How obnoxious to cover images with ads.
Ed, good for you for continuing to hone your computer skills. AdBlock is a cinch on a computer so go for it! (On an iPad, more complicated.)
Anyway.... fun photos for those of us who have never gotten to fly inside a cockpit.
I agree Charles I just sent sierra trading post and dish TV a nasty e-mail and will never buy from them.
If you used AdBlock Plus you wouldn't have any ads!
Wow, at this point in time people have to be told about AdBlock, shakes my head
Just as your apparent well-informed arrogance shakes mine. I'm 70 years old and trying to learn these new skills. Condescension does not motivate many of us senior Mensa members.
Ray Dahl 1
Several photos were apparently taken in cruise with one pilot in the seat with no oxygen mask? (Above FL240?) Let us hope the Boeing with NO ONE in their seats was in a simulator.

I see what you all mean about the ads. Either stop running the ads or the photos as I was greatly disappointed in the ability to appreciate what might have been truly inspirational photos.
All true, but no proof that he was in flight actually. Could be sitting in a holding area on the ground awaiting takeoff...


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