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Thief posing as Pilot stealing airport cars

At almost every municipal airport across the country, there's a courtesy car for pilots who land there and need to run a few errands. The courtesy car at the Clarksville Airport was stolen this week, but the thief left a clue left behind led police to connect it to a few other thefts just like it. ( さらに...

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People like that are why we, as the law abiding and courteous public, can't have nice things
I used to work at a FBO, and for the life of me, I can't understand how a guy can pose as a pilot and grab a c-car. I dont recall ever loaning the car out when we didn't have an airplane in trade.
That's how we've always done it as well. No airplane, no car.
4500' single runway without an ICAO code(H35). I'm surprised they even had a car.
Wouldn't that be the best place though? An airport like that, if they have a car, is probably more likely to leave the keys accessible even if no one is home. From the KATV description, it sounds like the car is a retired police cruiser.

Incidentally Preacher, turns out I'm just down the road from you. I work at CXW, the new Conway airport.
I think it has moved but their PD used to be there at the airport. Have they got anywhere close to moving everything down there at Conway yet?
We've got everything moved and closed the old airport at the end of January. We're just working on finish-up work at the new place now.
I didn't know if they had closed it or not. FA here sill shows the old one open and I think the FAA does too.I went to LIT last month but went South of you on 10 so wasn't by. Are they going to adding a crosswind runway down there or will there be a need to with the new alignment?
David Rice -1
Can you explain that a little further? How does this crime effect at all the availability of quality goods to you and your family? How does it effect at all your ability to maintain the "nice things" you may already have? Your concern about your ability to own and maintain "nice things" simply does not make any sense.
It is a meme:
So, somebody is using the courtesy cars as a modern day Pony Express service?
My guess: GA pilot who has A.lost his license B. Lost his plane. C. Has no money to lease a plane. D. All of the above
Why print this, now every POS carjacker in Atlanta will head for all the local FBO's in the area.
He won't think it is so funny when they charge him with Grand Thert Auto!
AWAAlum 2
I have to admit my curiosity is piqued. I'm scratching my head, wondering what airline utilizes that particular "typical pilot" garb. Baseball cap, jeans and a striped t-shirt. Classy.
These are small airports that he is hitting. He is dressed like the majority of pilots that you would see in that environment. Most transient business folks come thru dressed business casual or change there at the airport for whatever meeting. Run the courtesy car into town for a couple of hours to take care of meetings or a bite to eat. Put some gas in the car and drive back to airport, hop back in their plan and are gone. It's a very common practice. We had three cars at our FBO.
What I really can't figure out is why is he leaving the last one he stole? At Clarksville, he left the one from Ottawa if I read that right.
cheaper than a rental car?
Probably because that is as far as his current crappy courtesy car will take him. Just kidding, I'm very appreciative of the availability of these "crappy" cars.
Thank goodness , it's limited to car stealing only . Imagine if the similar service were to be made available involving aircrafts ! ;-p
That would be on National News just like the last serial Aircraft thief.
Unintentionally the most hilarious Squawk ever.

".....dressed in typical pilot gear....?"

And the door code was probably...the location identifier of the airport?
At one airport I saw "Squawk VFR"; at another, "Squawk Mayday". Definitely something easy to find with an iPhone in hand.
I hope this isn't going to make it harder for us to get courtesy cars..
Joe, are you located in AR. I am retired now but am about 15 mi South of Dardanelle, near KMPJ
Negative Sir, I am based out of the Houston Area. However, Arkansas, is one of my favorite states to visit. Great People and beautiful views.
"10-4"? Really? "10-4"? You gotta be kidding. Perhaps you meant "roger".
J L 1
Just an AH who needs to be taught a good lesson.
Kind of funny...I wonder if the thief is worried when he gets in the next stolen courtesy car if it will make it to the next airport! Those of you who have used the courtesy car in McCook NE, know what I'm talking about!
Just like Joe and Josh below, I too have always left my plane in trade for the courtesy car, and even if they are old and crappy, we GA pilots sure are appreciative of those cars and the FBOs that provide them.
Well, my husband was with me...


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