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Video: Plane Nearly Hits Boat in Flyby Stunt

Three men riding in a boat during a fishing competition in Argentina came within just a few feet of the landing gear of an airplane flying overhead during a startling stunt caught on video by one of the boaters. Though it's hard to see in the shaky video, the aerobatic airplane is a Rans S-9, and features the words "Goya Puede: Municipio de Goya" painted on the underside of the wings. Check out the footage for yourself and see just how close the plane, with smoke trail in tow,… ( さらに...

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This is nuts. I watched both videos and I was amazed at what was being permitted to happen. It's obviously taking place in another country and with the minimums being what they are her in the U.S., someone would be busted absolutely. I get the feeling it may have been an aerial demonstration. That raises the question of why hundreds of people were allowed to be in the airshow box under the performing aircraft. This would never 'fly' in the U.S. with the FAA and its FARs. I'm surprised it was allowed even in this unnamed country.
This happened in the city of Goya, Argentina
biz jets 1
It is a airshow demonstration and it's from 2009.
Nope, it was a the opening for a fish tournament and it happened las sunday
Toss up between who is more stupid: the pilots or the boaters. You can see in a couple of frames where the planes almost hit due to weather. All of the boats could have overturned at any minute.
You can't fix stupid.
As the saying goes, "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there ain't no old bold pilots." I don't know about Argentina's rules, but in the U.S. the pilot would have been facing at least a six month suspension of his/her license.
Didn't happen recently. This is an old video. It happened in Argentina - stay on point.
This happened las sunday
biz jets 1
It's from 2009.
I skimmed over the article and watched the video without reading much of the text. I guess I should have paid more attention.
dtmknsn 1
At 4 seconds in the boat video you can see the nose wheel of the aircraft streaming water.
This pilot almost pancaked a L29 with a belly landing, he then said that he meant to do it.
Google his last name: falistoco
He is an ahole in my book


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