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6 Incredible Airport Runways

Because runways are in constant demand due to the increase in travel, airports sometimes have to get creative with how they extend and manage aircraft landings. Here are six unique runways from around the world. ( More...

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I guess they have never been to Lukla (Tenzing-Hilary).
How could I forget. I am "collecting" them. Lukla may be a while because of the earthquake. There are many others as well. Courchevel for example!
Regina Kenney 1
Wow. Just looked that one up and the photos are incredible. Will keep it in mind for future articles!
Where are Barra (Scotland) St Barths (20 min from St Maartin) and Saba? All should have made the list. All accept commercial (non jet) flights
Regina Kenney 1
Fantastic recommendations. Will include if we do a 'Part 2.'
joel wiley 2
I would suggest Paro, Bhutan, but it's not the airport that's incredible, it's the approach.
ed grogan 1
Funchal airport Madeira island,owned by Portugal, off the coast of Morroco. Need special training because of the xwind coming off of the mountain. Was lengthened by use of large piers.
siriusloon 1
Re: #1, what are "water runways" and how do they have a length in the ocean?

Re: #2, it's not the runway that has to close when an aircraft lands or takes off, it's the road that is closed.

Re: #3, what are "international local regulations"?
Bernie20910 2
Looks like you're not going to get any answers Jeff.
El Kabong 1
For someone who has never been to St Maarten (yet), what do they mean when they say there's now a 150 meter safety extension? Did they close off the beaches leading up to the runway or something? I thought there was also a road just outside the gate as well, so I'd be curious to understand what that means.
the runway was extended on the eastern side of the airport, after the lagoon was filled up. A bridge was built to allow cars to cross the lagoon, on the north eastern side.
here is a link:


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