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Amazon warns FAA it could move more drone research abroad

Amazon wants permission for outdoor drone testing in the U.S., or it will focus on development efforts in other countries, according to a letter from Amazon to the FAA. ( さらに...

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ajbncsu 8
Maybe the FAA should recommend that they take there business abroad too. If they don't want to play by the same rules as everyone else in the U.S., then maybe they should stop selling goods here too.

Think this would make them reconsider?
linbb 1
Read my reply to preacher as it was in the paper from Portland Or this month in an interview with one of the top execs.
The FAA needs to go ahead and write the regs for commercial drones. I spoke with a local FSDO person (who wishes to remain nameless). He said the regs most likely will require drone pilots to have a Commercial pilots license for either fixed wing or rotor and be under the same requirements as all other fixed wing and rotor pilots. Then there is the issue of ADS-B In and Out. With that being said, by the time the bureaucrats and the lawyers finish with the rules and insurance regs, dronecraft equipment requirements, the costs will far exceed FedEx, UPS, or even a courier service. Just write the regs for commercial use, tighten up the rules if needed for hobbyists so all the Yahoos who think because they have a computer they can get into commercial drone service will SHUT UP. I fly in VERY congested airspace. The thoughts of having to deal with drones as well is a frightening prospect.
ltcjra 3
Well written Sharon Stewart; I concur and agree.
I think there will have to be hobbyist rules, search/rescue/Private land like farmers, and such type exemptions but the commercial use has to be tightened down.
Let's forget Amazon for a minute. "Commercial" farmer's can't even fly drones *ON THEIR OWN LAND* to observe crops, vs having to go out in the field and take samples manually. In Japan, they've been using unmanned helos *for decades* to do spraying, etc.

Ie, we're not even talking about flying around in a metropolitan area, or near airports, etc., but even on someone's own private property, and officially, anyone wanting to do so is strictly forbidden. *That's* the problem.

So just like pollies and lawn-forcers trying to push unpopular laws, you find an even *more* unpopular scapegoat like a baby-raper or something, prosecute him under some new odious law, and then you can go and, say, (mis)apply RICO laws against the BSA (Boy Scouts of America).

And then people wonder why granma and grampa are getting prosecuted under some federal law for "diverting water resources" by collecting rainwater in a barrel or something.

Amazon and its antics have become a popular punching-bag if not laughingstock, but the issue about "drones" is way deeper than this nonsense indicates.
Why do you assume that farms are only located out in the boondocks? I have no less than a dozen airports within 40 miles of me, including IAD and six different military fields, and I have a farm less than a 1/4 mile down the road. I regularly have air traffic passing overhead at low altitude going into KEZF, just a couple miles south of me. Not exactly an area where drone operation by farmers would be a good idea.
It's not even determined on a case-by-case basis, just a blanket "Nein!".

Limit farm drones to, say, a 50'-100' ceiling, which should be more than enough to check what they have to, or to spray, or do whatever.

If I could fly a RC plane or helo and that's fine, why not something more sophisticated that *can* determine via GPS whether/not it strayed into forbidden airspace, or better yet, prevent it from even happening? Or something that can be preprogrammed with its own to-the-letter flightpath that only snakes back'n'forth over the fields at treetop height and then comes back home without deviation? With a RC plane, I can lose control of it and have it fly "unmanned" purely at random into someone else's flightpath.

Point is, even out in the desert with no one around, no APs within miles, middle of nowhere, you can't even fly a drone to to take pix of cacti and lizards, not if you're doing it "commercially".
zennermd 6
I believe in safe skies, not 1 hr delivery.
linbb 1
There was something earlier this month by one of there execs don't know which but he commented on different things Amazon has done mostly for publicity and that was one. He also said they had very little intention of going any further with it. Sounds more like another publicity grab than anything else will wait and see.
I guess they employ a bunch of people and have a good business model but at least in this group, they don't seem to have a lot of support.
ARe they a company I enjoy doing business with? Yes. Do they, in my opinion, give me good service and good value for the money I spend with them? Again, yes. Do I want Amazon drones in my skies? No. Not even just no, hell no. So if they want to take their ball and go elsewhere with it, "Here, let me hold the door for you... bye!"
Dang sticky shift key. About time to replace this keyboard.
ltcjra 5
You can buy one from.....Amazon!!
Nah, I get 'em by the pallet load at government auctions.
lynx318 2
Hence the sticky keys from bureaucrats donut crumbs.
Brand new, in the box, never opened. Got 2,300 of them for $280 at an auction. Old PS/2 style connection that the newer PCs they were buying didn't have, so sold as surplus. I buy USB adapters from China for a couple cents each, toss one in with each keyboard, and put 'em on eBay and other sites for $15.00 with free shipping. Keeps me in coffee and donuts.
lynx318 1
2 things. 1) I commend you on you're commercial prowess, bravo. 2) Surely some government boffin could have figured out that same fix & saved a lot of tax dollars! SHEESH!!
No incentive to, and if we ever getting around to putting something in effect, they will go so far the other way that it won't be funny. You saw what happened when they gave a bonus to some VA people as an incentive.
Also, gotta use up the budget or next year they get less money. The wife works for the govt and tells me her agency was in a panic because they forgot about some funds they had for tech equipment, and now needs to use it in a hurry or have to give it back and not get it again next year, so they're going to other agencies and offering to buy tech stuff for them, just to use it up. You can't make this stuff up.
We had a new city manager down here a few years ago. Took all Department heads to a 0 based budget. All got what they wanted plus about 10% over the previous year and it was still about a 15% savings over the previous year total. Novel idea.
A really good business model, just ask small business owners across the country:

and of course great labor practices (eye roll):
You mean like Wally?
Well, I didn't say who the model was good for but obviously for them, and if you look at the out of the way places they locate their DC's, it ain't no wonder they can do what they want labor wise.
Sounds good to me. Never wanted Amazon drones overhead anyway.
What bothers me is that their fulfillment centers are a good ways from some of their customers. Not all deliveries will be under 400' and line of sight. How will they compensate for the distance. I think it's all a bunch of hooey unless in a metro are, which might put them in a class B violation. I got to side with the FAA here. Bye Amazon.
Bon Voyage Amazon!
There are two competing interests here (a) FAA - Safety (b) Amazon - Money. I am sorry Amazon but IF the FAA reasonably believes that airline passenger safety might be compromised, you may indeed have to take your development efforts and even business elsewhere - possibly to a country without adequate safety safeguards. For, IF the FAA gives in and the unthinkable happens, the FAA will likely be held criminally negligent. BTW: I hope, dear Amazon, that you heard of a drone which recently created a very dangerous situation at Heathrow Airport in London. Finally, let us not forget: No individual or company is indispensable. One goes and another will appear to fill the vacuum.

your very surprised customer
btweston 1
Sounds like when tea baggers threaten to leave the country because taxes are too high. Have a nice time in Kazakhstan, friends.
No way....not the party that stands up for small businesses.


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