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3 planes violate airspace set up during Obama visit

At least three single-engine planes violated a temporary restricted flight zone set in place during President Barack Obama’s visit to Chicago this weekend. U.S. Army Maj. Mike Humphreys said the latest incident happened Sunday at 8:55 p.m. when a Cessna 152 flew about two miles into the restricted flight zone. ( More...

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Eric Graham 0
When are pilots going to start being briefed about TFR's before flying, especially in the vicinity of VIP movements. This only makes GA look worse than ever. We need to police ourselves and quit showing our ineptness before the FAA really cracks down on us with more and stricter regulations. Come on guys, get a briefing before flying!!! Eric, President Pittsburgh Flying Club, Greensburg, PA
Agreed Eric. TFSs are easy to get. Even if that is ALL you are going to get for a Lake Tour in Chicago or a Bay Tour in San Francisco. Wherever, get one. It is also yet another good reason to fly IFR. But we love the freedom VFR affords us - which is hard to overstate. I believe you violate a TFR and you ticket goes away for a year, minimum. A second time, well, I hope you like Southwest 737s (I do, but not for my fun flying). Get strict and get the boneheads out of the sky.
Eric Graham 0
Yes, thanks for comment. On the other hand, I hate seeing these moveable prohibited airspace areas virtually every day interfering with our freedom to fly. But with all the extreme folks out there willing to disrupt our freedom with terror, we have no choice but to protect these people, like it or not.
Ron Mutchler 0
Part of the problem is not the briefing about the TFRs. It is the TFRs themselves. Closing 30nm of Chicago airpsace to GA on a holiday weekend is pretty bold. I understand the need to protect the president, but is punishing GA necessary? There has to be a better balance between fair use of the airspace and protecting the president. I have no problem with the 10nm inner ring concept, but 30nm seems a bit much. So does sending 2 F-15's after a single with <200HP.
Eric Wilkins 0
The other problem is that you call FSS and sometime they're not even aware of TFRS. a Presidential one is pretty big news but out here I know I've called for TFRs knowing in advance they existed and the briefers didn't know. However, in this particular case AOPA for one has been announcing it for weeks.
gftt 0
Vip TFRs disrupt local economies and schedules. I would imagine Obama's Memorial Day TFR cost the Chicago area FBOs a bundle in lost business.
Briefings???? From Lockheed Martin???? You're likely to hear the history of the raindrop before
you hear anything about a TFR.
Eric Wilkins 0
haha very true


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