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Boeing denounces Al Jazeera documentary on 787 Dreamliner

In addition to chronicling some of the 787 program’s well-known production problems and the overheating batteries that led to its three-month grounding, the documentary includes hidden-camera video of workers at the company’s South Carolina plant criticizing their co-workers and the planes they produce. ( さらに...

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I wonder what a year-long Al Jazeera investigation of Airbus, CNN, Fox, or <insert company of preference here> would come up with.

They would come up with about the same thing that Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would conclude.
I have a hard time with this; Like any operation that size, there is bound to be some crap around but the article seems to be coming out of the Northwest and all the problems named are in South Carolina.
As Boeing said, a lot of this is coming from a disgruntled employee who is in a legal dispute with Boeing right now. This could all be argued until the cows come home but the proof will be in the track record on the airplane.
MH370 2
Interesting point of view from an Al Jazeera contributor.

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In my experience with Journalists, they are too ignorant to ever address anything even remotely technical without being just wrong. Like chickens that can only cluck 'ain't it awful' they have zero ability to understand the issues.
Let Boeing deny the real facts, but most intelligent people know it all about profits, esp. with Wall Street pushing for greater profits and less costs. Wall Street care less about safety, it only cares about profits, even if it means the lives of humans. I wish more documentation would be revealed.
Here is the Al Jazeera Investigates video:
Like the Food Lion expose, Boeing will do whatever it takes to make crap shine
Yeah, they have got to get that thing up and running good, bug free, and that is difficult with a brand new plane. You have to go way back to the 767/757 development days to get anywhere close but even those had existing technology to work off of. In actuality, it would be back to the 707 days or before and that's a long time. Personally, I think they have done well after they got more management over outside vendors.


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