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Cover-up: Ukraine rebels destroying all links to MH17 air atrocity

Pro-Russia separatist groups in eastern Ukraine are hastily covering up all links to the Buk missile battery suspected to have been used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane, according to western-based defence and intelligence specialists. ( さらに...

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Let's not forget what happened on Sept 1st 1983 when the then Soviet Union shot down Korean Air Lines flight 007,Boeing 747.The Russians initially denied knowledge of the incident but later addmitted the shoot down.The Russians suppressed evidence sought by various international organizations notably the 2 Flight Recorders which were eventually returned 8 YEARS! after the collapse of the USSR.Don't look for help from Putin as nothing has changed since 1983
Too late for that. I think that a lot of us are quite convinced as to what happened. That phone call between those 2 dopes is quite incriminating.
Seems to me a report somewhere said that U.S. Intelligence confirmed a missile shootdown. The big question is exactly who and why.

The question is whether this is a one-off CF, or part of a more thought our plan. On 9/11 at 6:30 Pacific time as we watched the second plane hit the towers, the question rose about what will happen at 9:30 central time- was this a single incident or part of a greater plan.

My feeling is here we go again.
That is a scary thought. Let's hope you are wrong, but if that intercepted phone conversation is any indication, I didn't hear any remorse there. Who knows?
These unibrowed knuckle draggers just dont get that the world has condemned them. They and their Russian minders are guily of mass murder. This cover up will take decades to unravel.
Putin is fomenting nationalistic sentiments in Russia to get the population on his side for an invasion of Ukraine.... or at least the part of Ukraine that houses the GazProm pipelines....
American hypocrisy at its finest.
Here's what Vice President George Bush had to say when the Americans did the very same thing in 1988:

(2 Aug 1988): "I will never apologize for the United States — I don't care what the facts are... I'm not an apologize-for-America kind of guy."[28][29] Bush used the phrase frequently[30] during the 1988 campaign and promised to "never apologize for the United States" months prior to the July 1988 shootdown[31] and as early as January 1988.[32][33]
He also campaigned on a 'no new taxes' platform. Later derided by the press as
" he really meant no gnu taxis".

BTW Levant Tinaz, do you believe what YOUR government officials spout?
Reminds of the movie ' Behind the Enemy Lines '.
That's why it's said, ' Truth is stranger than fiction ' .
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Ukraine: Russia Responsible for Downing of Flight 17, Rebels Removing Evidence

The Ukrainian government said on Saturday that it believes Russia is responsible provided the missile that shot down a Malaysian Airlines 777 on Thursday and that separatist rebels were confiscating evidence at the crash site and limiting access to it. The news dampened the prospects of having a thorough and transparent investigation of the crash of Flight 17.


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