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Proposed Mandatory Curfew At Bob Hope Airport Narrowly Defeated

BURBANK ( — Lawmakers in Washington have narrowly defeated a proposal to impose a mandatory curfew that would prohibit overnight flights at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. The House of Representatives voted 208-212 on the proposal by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), who introduced similar legislation in 2011 that was defeated on a 178-243 vote. ( More...

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CloudSurfer89 13
Maybe the airport should play their game. Maybe we don't like listening to their lawnmowers when they cut the grass. There should be a lawnmower curfew between 5PM and 11AM. Maybe we don't like having to fly over their houses on the way into the airport. Maybe a flat grass field would be much safer than all those houses nearby. Maybe they should move.

It cracks me up when people buy a house near an airport and then complain about it.
Lewis Tripp 2
You nailed it.
Exactly. Its like the idiots who buy a house by a busy road then us tax payers have to pay for a large, very ugly, concrete wall to go up to block the noise for them.
eddiemac 1
Wow! The most important issue our legislators have is a curfew at Burbank Airport. Truly sad state of affairs.
josh homer 0
At least Cali took care of the teacher tenure issue. But that's about it.
btweston -2
Yeah. It always bothers me when legislators engage in the democratic process.
Bill Monroe -1
It's even more distressing when democrats engage in the legislative process....
Ric Wernicke 2
Despite being surrounded by the cesspool known as the City of Los Angeles, Burbank has made itself a pretty little desirable place to live. Schiff has demonstrated time and again he is not a representative of the electors, but an errand boy for the contributors to his political career. It is his desire to make the Airport economically unviable so dirtbag developers can get the juicy property for residential and commercial construction.

The complaints are simply being used as a red herring to get the camel's nose under the tent. These are the same anti-aviation rascals that want to over run Santa Monica Airport. Their purpose is to convert public ownership of airports in nice neighborhoods to private developments.

I don't see Schiff rushing to close Palmdale or Ontario, LA's "barrio" jetports.
I was proud to live on the flight line to Dobbins ARB in Marietta, GA. Lot's of good sighting 'cause they also shared the runways with Lockheed. A C-5 that hasn't been fitted with newer and quitter engines can still knock you out of bed if she's comin' in a little low...and I LOVE it!
Mark Wunder 2
It appears that the Congressman involved is trying to over-rule the FAA via legislation. Congress needs to back away from this. Talk about Big-Brother.
BC Hadley 5
Why is anyone outside of California, much less Burbank, voting on this? I certainly don't want someone from another state making decisions about what goes on in my neighborhood.

Let them extend the curfew to include cargo flights that come/go in the wee hours, then see who whines because they didn't get their Priority Overnight package.
btweston 0
It's most likely because the Federal Aviation Administration oversees aviation.
Jim Barger 1
Georgetown, Texas, airport when opened was miles from any housing. Then developers created homes crowding the field and home owners began trying to close down the facility. Cars going down what used to be a quiet country road behind my house disturb my sleep. I've got it! Let's just outlaw all means of transportation except bicycles without horns. And keep those chains well oiled! An owl hooted in my back yard last night--let's put a bounty on that thoughtless creature!
Chris Muncy 1
I guess I need some education here but can the house/senate do this?
Ray Arment 1
And the President by executive order.
Yeah, let's give the government something else to screw up.
The question is who was there first. The air port or the homes? You don't build a air port nest to homes nor do you build homes next to a air port. Poor planing.
WhiteKnight77 1
I have never understood the whiners who buy a house near an airport then whine about the noise. That airport was there long before that house was built. If you buy a house within 5 miles of an airport, expect noise. I was born on a SAC bomber base and grew up on or near Air Force bases or airports. I still live next to an air base. I even lived on the base when I was in the Marines stationed at Tustin MCAS(H) and Futenma MCAS On Oki. I guess I have just learned to tune the planes out though I still grab my camera and head out to take pics when I can.
Gregory Young 1
I used to race cars at a track that was built in the boonies of the Detroit area. Along came a nearby subdivision and, you guessed it, the crybabies living there started whining about the racecar noise (usually only a few weekends a year). At least a compromise was reached, with the cars having to put on some kind of muffler, but the fact remains that people who buy houses near a track, airport, train tracks, etc., should not be allowed to dictate conditions to those who were there first. This will be taken care of when I rule the world.
WhiteKnight77 1
Yeah, that is ridiculous. I live next door to the above mentioned Dobbins ARB/Lockheed Martin factory and back in 05, F-22s on their first flight would take off at about 8:30 AM waking me up. I usually just rolled over and went back to sleep.

Fast forward to 08 and a job in Hampton VA. The hotel I stayed in was just miles from Langley AFB, and a base my Pops was stationed at and retired from, and those very same birds that woke me up in 05 were waking me up again due to me working second shift and me getting to sleep in to 12.

Did I complain? Heck no. I would tell my folks about it when I went to visit them on Saturday nights for dinner and have a laugh over it.

I put most of the blame on city planners for allowing builders to encroach on airports and such. The City of Virginia Beach is trying to buy up land around Oceana NAS to alleviate the encroachment on the base due to safety concerns. At least one locality is finally waking up to the fact that there should be a buffer around any airport, military or otherwise.
I was going to mention the F-22's, but I forgot. There was NAS Atlanta as well, but that was axed due to budget cuts. Yeah, the static engine tests @ Lockheed could be felt and heard for miles. Wonder why there was no backlash when that F-4 went down?

The reason the complaints here are few is because of the direct impact all those C-5's and 130's and F-22's and 16's and 18's have on the local economy. Without the jobs those birds supply, we might not be able to put the new Braves Stadium up there.


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