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Bluefin 21 Completes Two-Thirds of Flight 370 Sea Floor Search - Bluefin 21 Completes Two-Thirds of Flight 370 Sea Floor Search

As the 45-day mark in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet struck, a Malaysian government met with relatives of the passengers who were on the ill-fated flight to discuss possible compensation, while an autonomous underwater vehicle continued to scour the ocean floor looking for signs of wreckage. Malaysia’s deputy foreign affairs minister, Hamzah Zainuddin, who heads a government committee overseeing the needs of the next of kin, held meetings with passengers’ relatives in Kuala… ( さらに...

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As cold and crass as this may sound, the relatives may have to accept the reality of the fact that it may never be found, but for whatever reason, is on the floor of one of the most inhospitable bodies of water on earth. I guess if I were a relative, I'd probably feel the same way, BUT, there just may not be a recovery from the fact that the Malaysians bungled this thing and/or purposely withheld info on this thing for the first couple of weeks.
Cannot believe their searches are turning out completely fruitless.

Pray for MH370...
The total absence of a debris field is what has everybody buffaloed but if there was one, by screwing around 2 weeks or so before actually getting a search started, it would have drifted away and probably sank. One has to remember that although AF447 took nearly 2 years, they were pretty quick on getting a search started and located the debris field in a week or less. Time is everything in one of these deals and especially on the front end. Everybody knew that except the Malaysians.
What ever happened to the images of this plane, the day is went missing...they were on this site. There were images of supposedly this plane in China.
Herve saw it circling Fantasy Island...


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