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Small plane makes emergency landing on Chicago expressway

(Reuters) - A pilot of a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing early on Sunday on a busy Chicago expressway that skirts Lake Michigan after waiting for a gap in the traffic, authorities said. ( さらに...

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Boy, if Meigs Field had still been there this would not even be a story. Thanks a bunch richie daley!!!
How do you know he could have made it?
THAT was my first thought too. Flew in and out of there a lot (as pax) - and last time I was in Chi-town, looked for the remains... Sad.
Strange! I was born and raised in Chicago and only used Meigs occasionally, because they only had local taxi service to Central Illinois and downtown Detroit. This service generally ended in the 1980's. From your picture, you do not look old enough to have flown out of Meigs before commercial flights ceased. By the way, Meigs is still just east of Soldiers Field. See,0,11802136834584609436&ei=SC1GUr2vM4vG9gSqvoC4Cw&ved=0CMABEPwS
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As of March, 2013 the site that once was Meigs Field is still a vast wasteland. The link you've provided is to Soldier Field. Here's a link to the March 31, 2013 article in The Chicago Tribune:
Thank you Donna. I used MapQuest for Soldiers Field and expanded the view to include Meigs. Apparently it did not change the URL. I too regret that it was closed and has not been developed into a park sooner. If you want a little more about the history, see and
Gene, you flatterer you! I'm older than I look. But I never flew commercial in or out of Meigs - corporate MU-2, tailed N34DD at the time. If someone higher up the food chain had the Mitsubishi, then a pilot would take me, or come get me, in whatever was available out of COU, where our company was based. I remember some good Piper Lance flights. Including one night where we circled back over Michigan Avenue, lit for Christmas - which also was the same night for the Geminid meteor shower that year - unforgettable flight experience.
Thank you, my thoughts exactly.
When the interstates were built around 1959 they were designed to land a B707. Not a new idea.
Yea but, they were going top block auto and truck traffic first. Good job by the pilot. I wonder if a cop tried to give him a parking ticket like the one in Colorado.
Amazing story. "Fly the aircraft" rules!,0,150846.story
Wow... the user comments on the tribune article are riveting. Half the locals that commented assume (1) every pilot is a rich douchebag and (2) that landing a 2 seat plane that is slower and lighter than most cars was endangering the public.

I am glad I do not live in Chicago!
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Thinking ill of an entire city made up of over 2.7 million people because a couple of those people made comments you didn't cotton to isn't terribly logical.
Oh yeah - that's the Chicago I know and love! Some of those brought tears to my eyes, laughing so hard...
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I'm just happy to see a story that doesn't end in political indiscretions. But, I digress.
Sully also had NO operating ENGINES!!! If Mr. Pedersen could
make it to LSD he could have made it to Merrill C. Meigs Field,
if only it were still there, which was my original point.
What a great field Meigs was. I loved flying in there at sunset. The beautiful skyline of Chicago. The only downside was the wave coming off of McCormack Place with a strong West wind and landing North.
Be thankful Ray. I remember a few that ended up in the Lake.
I think he could have made it because the map I looked at shows that Meigs
Appears to be only a mile or so away.
Just because it's only a "mile or so away" doesn't mean he would have made it. Air speed and altitude will determine that. Sullenberger was only a short distance from TEB but he determined he would come up short and put his airplane in the Hudson River.


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