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Texas to pay to keep 13 small airport towers open

The Texas Department of Transportation says it will pay to keep air traffic control towers open at 13 small airports when those facilities lose federal money next month. ( さらに...

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I agree, a lot of these airports are not justified having a Tower. If the city wants it, then they should absorb the cost.
canuck44 3
This scenario was predicted on this blog as the purpose of the whole evolution in the first was a shakedown. Shift the cost to State and/or local government, blame the sequester in spite of the fact that the FAA will have more money to spend this year than last.

Watch them pull the same crap with hospitals under ObamaCare. Cut the funding of Medicare/Medicaid until hospitals are bankrupt forcing State and local government to take them over shifting the cost away from the Feds. Then poor quality and waiting lists will be the State's fault not the Feds. The Feds offload the cost but don't cut their budget.
There's a reason they decided to close them - the amount of traffic at these places just couldn't justify it. I shocked more places didn't get the ax; I could think of more.

The pilots will now just have to look out the window more (just kidding, but seriously)
PVUpilot 2
This isn't the case for all the airports. The airport I work and fly at is one that shouldn't have got cut. If there wasn't enough traffic, then why did they build the tower a few years ago and just one year ago they built a radar station. It is the second busiest airport in Utah. Before the tower was built, it was the busiest non towered airport in the nation. We also have commercial flights, a reliever airport for SLC Intl and have a flight university based here. There are days I wouldn't want to be flying in the airspace WITH the tower. The mix of pilots and aircraft here is unique. Everything from Diamond Katana's, to bunch of bizjets, to the MD80/737's. It's like letting a bunch of student drivers on the freeway with scooters during rush hour... It's going to be a mess. Also I don't fully understand how they calculated what towers will close, our airport has an average of 150,000 operations a year AND aircraft operations are expected to double from their current levels by the year 2015. On top of all that, this airport will be expanding to include more terminals and more commercial flights. Bad move...
I don't know which airport you work at but I think of at least two that shouldn't close right here in N.C....Elizabeth City and Concord
It's simple to explain how they chose which towers to close. They looked at the list of contract towers and posted it.
I find it repulsive that the adminstration is using public safety as a weapon against the majority in the House. It is one thing to cut Whitehouse tours depriving ordinary people a glimpse into the rich history of the American Presidency while the President spends much more than the cost of the tours to attend a basketball game, but quite another to reduce the safety of air travel.

The FAA is receiving more money than ever. They have not had a cut in their allocation of public money. If they have squandered money on excessive salaries, silly expenditures, and mismanagement it is time for everyone weighted from the Secretary down to take a haircut. There will be plenty of money to operate the agency in the public interest and safety.

Texas knows you cannot be productive without transportation.
"The towers are bright,
in the planeless night,
Deep In the Heart of Texas"

Sorry, couldn't resist
ok is there a place to find what 13 will stay open?
there are only 13 TX towers scheduled to close.
Somebody will post it here in a minute...
ACT Waco Regional Waco TX
BAZ New Braunfels Municipal New Braunfels TX
BPT Jack Brooks Regional Beaumont TX
BRO Brownsville/South Padre Island International Brownsville TX
CLL Easterwood Field College Station TX
CXO Lone Star Executive Houston TX6
Federal Aviation
Air Traffic Control Facilities
That Could be Closed
FWS Fort Worth Spinks Fort Worth TX
GGG East Texas Regional Longview TX
GKY Arlington Municipal Arlington TX
GPM Grand Prairie Municipal Grand Prairie TX
GTU Georgetown Municipal Georgetown TX
HYI San Marcos Municipal San Marcos TX
RBD Dallas Executive Dallas TX
SGR Sugar Land Regional Houston TX
SSF Stinson Municipal San Antonio TX
TKI Collin County Regional at McKinney Dallas TX
TYR Tyler Pounds Regional Tyler TX
VCT Victoria Regional Victoria TX
How about the airport pay itself through it's own revenue? Bizarre idea, huh?
How about just close the towers and nobody pay? The idea is is to cut spending not shift the burden.
I agree....there are quite a few that really have no purpose.
I know we will all feel some pain with these cuts but we have to start somewhere. As a taxpayer though it does not sit well with me to continue to send borrowed money to countries and people who hate us at the same time as these cuts take place here. DC is broke, pun intended.
Well the way I look at it is like this...The only reason these closures are tweaking a nerve with us is because we are all aviators or just aviation enthusiates...Lets all take our head-sets off for a while and put ourselves in a position of where we are on the outside looking in...I agree that some of these towers have no business closing but on the other hand we all know of at least one airport that shouldn't have had a tower over 6 yrs ago....Just like I agree with you that we shouldn't keep pumping money into countries that hate us there are others that feel like it is our duty.. You can't please everyone.
Our governments only duty is to US citizens. Everyone else is an option. Lol
Well said my friend
Does seem kinda stupid to borrow money to give away; of course none of us are smart like those we have elected and don't understand such
We elect them because they are supposed to be educated and wise. They get there and all of a sudden everything they learned in Harvard business school goes on vacation. Go figure!
money talks and lobbiest don't mind picking up the tab for very expensive fish eggs and
Hans Lam 0
Ik ben blij dat het departement de torens openhoud voor de veiligheid van de reiziger. Ik moet er niet aan denken dat de torens niet bemand zijn.
Hans said:

"I am pleased that the Department's towers hold open the safety of the traveler. I should not think that the towers are not manned."

Hans has to be the first Dutchman in a century that does not speak English!
He could read it though.
Still doesn't really make any sense


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