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Like the SWA attendants say, "If you have to have a smoke, grab a lawn chair and step out onto the wing."
LOL, I like that. I had forgotten about that.
How stupid of this passenger. Imagine being solely responsible for interrupting trip plans for 100+ others just because you had to have a cigarette! I'm surprised another passenger didn't challenge the perpetrator by pouring water on his head or something....
Maybe the courts should start fining all these idiots the costs for diverting, including fuel, additional A/C hours, etc.
I like it! Pay each pax for 2 hours of their time too.
The weather in Houston was horrible yesterday. Most afternoon and evening flights were delayed several hours. I wonder if this guy spent a long time in the smokeless terminal before getting on the flight. Not that it is an excuse, but it could have been a contributing factor.
Smokem in court!!!
LOL, I saw this along time ago, except it was with Cigar. F/A put out the Cigar with a Fire Extinguisher. Plane Landed, Passenger removed from a/c and taken and charged by the police.
proof once again that they don't check anyone's IQ before selling a ticket. What an idiot.Throw the book at him in court and put him on the no-fly list
I wonder over and over what I would do if a passenger would become unruly on one of my flights. It's easy to say I'd take control and take him down, but not being very large and now somewhat aging, although I don't look it, I think I'd have to be agressive and rally support to use some force to subdue the shmuck. Whatever fine or penalty he gets at the end of the day a good solid whack on the head with a fire extinguisher would be more effective to make him think about ever acting out on a plane again.


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