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The Mysterious Plane Crash That Explains U.S.-Egypt Mistrust

How a 1999 disaster and its aftermath revealed the contradictions and complications of the American-Egyptian partnership ( More...

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Chris Donawho 0
We are not as easily humiliated as the Egyptians. In fact, we sometimes brag about some of our "abominations" and other "sacreligous" acts. It's part of Free Country living. The fact that the Egyptian government felt compelled to lie to its people and intentionally withhold evidence from them is case in point. The author's credentials do not lend to any objective viewpoint either.
preacher1 0
Well, the final NTSB report said the plane crashed as a result of pilot input and that they didn't know why he made those inputs.. There was also on the CVR or somewhere, showing that the Captain reentered and tried to regain control. I guess he didn't have time. It may be a national prie thing that they don't want to admit could happen to one of theirs, kinda like the Dutch were at Tenarife when their Golden Boy got impatient and took off. It really is all moot as everybody is dead in both cases.

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preacher1 0
Most everybody is probably in agreement with you. While not a daily thing, it is not an unheard of thing here, yet it is an abhorrent thing over there. That is strange; it is apparently OK in a Jihad or something, as in the suicide bombers, but not otherwise? Something happend and the report says it crashed because of Pilot input and that rules out mechanical failure. There was a problem somewhere, and they are all dead. THE END
Robert Curley 0
The thing I hate more than anything else is when someone looks me in the eye and lies to me. Egypt insists this crash was due to mechanical failure ant not a suicide despite no evidence to the former. Though they offer proof it wasn't suicide. Read the last sentence of page one. This proof is so absurd it's laughable.
Bill Halpin 0
The last sentence indeed Robert was the key. Us infidels are pretty stupid and would never think a good Muslim would commit suicide when it is forbidden. I'm still smiling!
Ron Shelton 0
Suicide is forbidden? Ask all the homicide bombers about that; oh yeah you can't.
indy2001 0
People may wonder why a flight attendant always goes into the cockpit whenever one of the flight crew leaves for a break. A retired pilot told me that this is one of the scenarios that was considered when that policy was being devised. A lone flight crew member could easily become incapable of flying the plane safely (for whatever reasons, including illness as well as evil intent). And if they can't/won't readmit the other flight crew member, then all kinds of bad things can happen. Now some of the FA's that I've seen enter the cockpit don't look like they could fight their way out of a paper bag, but all they need to do is open the cockpit door. One of security's worst nightmares is a suicidal pilot. We've seen them before (not just Egyptair), and I'm afraid we'll see them again. It is very, very difficult to stop someone who is willing to commit suicide.


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