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First time flying a plane? Smooth sailing

It's one thing to jump on a commercial airliner and fly from place to place. Hopping on a puddle jumper, as many folks call them, is an entirely different experience. But rather than just riding in one of these tiny planes, I opted to take a flight lesson and actually fly a plane for my first time at Tampa North Flight Center in Lutz. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 0
"tiny airplane" that has always bugged me!
mark tufts 0
been in a cessna 4 seater and a boeing 767 and i feel comfratable in either plane and besides there was 25 minutes where the pilot of the cessna let me fly the plane
would love to get a pilots license if i had the money
Toby Sharp 0
Mark, you can do it. I got mine as a 24 year old college student going to school and working full time, its not a large chunk of cash all at once, rather spread out over a 6 month period, it's totally doable and it is am amazing accomplishment! go for it!
Matt Comerford 0
Toby is right, I got my PPL last year at 24.. it's doable. You can't peck away at it, though... you have to just DO IT!
preacher1 0
Mark: they are both correct I started way back yonder in a C-182 with all the bells and whistle and got all my tickets. After flying a 707 and 757 all my life for a carrer, have stayed current in some regionals(CRJ's/EMB's) thanks to some good friends and last week went back for a check ride where I had retired from and got typed in a brand spankin' new 767-200ER, fresh out of the mod center. All that to say this. You got to crawl before you walk, but after that first step, you'll never want to crawl again. Once you start, don't quit. There ain't nothing like watching that ground fall away, and it is very different from the cockpit than riding as a passenger.
Ferguson Sam 0
its been an awesome learning experience for me and for the many young people I take up just to introduce them to math,science and technology as something not just found in books and school.
Jeff Grana 0
"...since it's an instructor plane" HAHAHAHA....

As an A&P/IA who also has a PPL, I almost take offense to the "stapled together" comment, even though I can understand why some would feel that way. It's nice to see someone spreading the aviation cheer for once in a while!
Robert Gibson` 0
Started out in an Aeronca 11AC Champ with a cruise speed of 85 mph and altitude limit of about 12,000 ft with a 65 hp Continental engine. Of all my flying thereafter the most pleasure was in this plane. You enjoy hanging around earth at low altitude (1000 to 4000 ft) and seeing the beauty, with the ability to set down in a lot of small spots like flat pastures.
Took my test with no communicational radio and a low frequency directional radio that the examiner had never seen. Have any of you ever flown directional with one of these and the morse code directional signals?
conmanflyer 0
conmanflyer 0
FYI the back seat is roomy and comfortable. its got better seats then most airlines!
Robert Gibson` 0
The 11AC is a metal tubing frame with wood spars and ribs, covered with a cloth and doped up to make the cloth shrink tight. My brother nad I bought a very used one, befI had even taken a lesson, in which I acquired my SEL. We spent the first winter totally rebuilding it.
It is a 2 seater with no back seat but a luggage area for 120 max #.
Troy Raiteri 0
My first flight I won in a Auction for free was a Cessna 172 Skyhawk which is in my profile pic N53020. It was also my first pilot lesson as well and keep in mind the floor of the Cessna vibrates and can make your feet fall asleep haha!
eagle5719 0
Mark: Get Microsoft flight simulator 2004 or FSX and get control stick and rudder pedals then practice, practice and practice some more - before and between regular flight lessons. Pilot training gets tough - so it's smart to augment your lessons. Home study using Gleim or other flight training books are very important sources for flying techniques plus all the rules and regs. The bottom line is stay ahead of the instructor.

Jim Landon 0
I got my PPL about ten years ago. It was great fun and well worth the money. I used Microsoft Flt Sim many times during my training to help with my flying technique and especially with learning to make use the radio correctly. I agree with the previous post- get all the help you can from outside sources and it will greatly enhance your experience.


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