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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet (16-5805)


A Hawk and a Hornet ..... A NAWDC F/A-18F (165805) rolls south on KNFL's taxiway Alpha for a launch from runway 31L as, in the background, a Sikorsky MH-60s Knighthawk (167838, an S-70), lifts away. Both aircraft were departing to participate in a morning training exercise with an F/A-18 Growler squadron from Australia (6 Squadron, RAAF Base Amberley).
** NAWDC was formerly NSAWC. The title on the tail of this Super Bug has not yet been repainted. **


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Gary Schenauer Photo Uploader
This is a first-time photo of both the Knighthawk (167838) and the Super Hornet (165805) to be posted into the FA picture gallery. I have individual closeup shots of both that I will try to post later.
A very good "catch", Gary... and a great photo capture too!!! :-)
Dave Sheehy
5* Gary- nice catch and snap.
Greg Byington
Great catch!
Tom Vance
5x5 each, great stuff Gman!
Tom Vance
5x5 each, great stuff Gman!
Gary Schenauer Photo Uploader
Dave ... Wassup? Watch your e/m for a pic of an RAAF colorbird. 6 Squadron CO's E/A-18G is super-lookin'!
Hey, Alien ... Thanx for all your comments. I'm off to LAX later this month so when I get back I'll finally have some pics of the really BIG birds to post. Also gonna be over in Sacto in May; maybe we can link up for lunch?
Erico Baptista
wow....a Hawk and a Hornet!!!so nice! so beautfull!
David Aaron
An empty backseat...a terrible thing to waste.
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