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A Crazy Aussie Wants to Fly From Sydney to London in a Plastic-Powered Plane

Come summer, one of the best targets for some good old-fashioned British whinging is always air travel - the discomfort, the long queues, the freakishly cheery staff. But I promise you, no matter how much you might want to gripe, your journey won't suck nearly as bad as this guy, who's trying to fly from Australia to Britain, in a Cessna, using the contents of a landfill as fuel. Right. ( さらに...

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Why is this bloke labelled as 'Crazy' ? Surely this is an extremely safe trip, similar to all the delivery flights of aircraft to all parts of the world. The fuel is '... cleaner ...' than normal fuel, therefore presumably safer and more efficient to use, and from my experience the serenity of humming along in your own cessna would far outweigh the trip on a crowded jumbo with whingeing and kids screaming etc.
Hand in the air waiving to fly the plane back stateside.


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