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Learjet 85 Jet Gets Its Wings

The first wing shipment for Bombardier's Learjet 85 jet has arrived at the Wichita assembly line and is now in the process of being readied for mating to the fuselage of Flight Test Vehicle one (FTV1). Alongside the arrival of the first complete Learjet 85 aircraft wing, the fuselage for FTV2 has successfully completed its integrity inspection. Installation of the nose, bulkheads, floor, windshield and door surrounds are scheduled to begin in the coming days. Once complete the main fuselage will… ( さらに...

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Non U.S. Parts.......not made in the U.S.A...........really sad......
@ Phil, it's at least being assembled in the US. It's actually a truly international airplane, parts coming from Ireland, France, Germany, and of course Mexico.
Do they advertise that it's made in the USA? I mean, Lear is owned by Bombardier, which is a Canadian company after all.
No, it's 'made' all over, fuselage comes from quetaro mexico, wings from Belfast Ireland (I think), landing gear from france, plus many other international suppliers, although plenty in the US too.
Correction, wings are from quetaro too. I know some part of the structure is made in the old shorts brothers factory in Belfast though.
Since this is a development craft, the bid dollar question is "from where will the production parts come?" Am reminded of Alan Sheppard's comment on low bidders.
The suppliers of the prototype parts will also supply the production parts.
Until they discontinue production? Wouldn't make sense to double-bid everything and requalify new suppliers after building an entire supply chain.
I guess it's Economics 101.......... Produce it for a lot less.....then sell it for a lot more.....and by the way, Cessna and other OEMs are going to produce full aircraft in China for the "China market"......yea right..."China Market" is worldwide.... Been to Walmart, Kmart, Target ect. lately! ?........some will end up here in North, Central and South America....count on it! I don't blame the's only business. They're the smart ones! As for our decisions(Government) .......oh well........


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