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Dave Marshall Photo Uploader
Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog G-PDOG
james hill
A real airplane - takes me back to my days as a FAC in 1969.
serge loth
Nice shot and good Cessna aircraft..
zx zczc
Beautiful shot...!

Could someone throw some light on what the pylons are for under-wing and the little thingy sticking out on the back..?
Those pylons usually mounted smoke rockets used to mark targets... the other - I'm not sure what you see with "the little thingy sticking out on the back"?
Roy Hunte
I believe that 'little thingy' would be the tail wheel..........
William Baldwin
at about $100 an hour, it's a great flight experience, Roy! Go for a flight. A Cessna 150 will do. And a great picture Dave *****
Stephen Comstock
It was a fun airplane to fly (in 1970)! Would love to do it again.
Roy Hunte
I think I will, William, it sounds like fun!
Roy... I think you might have figured out what the "little thingy" was!
Roy Hunte
There is also a vertical fin-like object sticking up from the tail boom, not sure what that is...
Roy, that could only be an antenna... for the military frequency radios in use during that time? It appears to have replaced the loop type antenna.
Roy Hunte
Ok, cool, thanks Cliff.
Richard Waldren
What a well kept bird!


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