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Boeing 747-400 (VH-OEH)


VH-OEH Performing display over F1 Grand Prix 2015, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. A display I will remember for years to come!!


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Mark Thomas
For a minute I thought that this was a hotel situated near the end of a departure runway and was about to book a room!!
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Yeah! I could understand that :) If only!...
Ruben Perez
that is awesome.
Bo Ryan
Very cool shot! Congrats on Pic Of the Week selection!
michael lyons
Great picture.
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Thanks guys for the comments, glad everyone likes it :)
what a brilliant picture
Great shot used to work for them for 40 years.
This another brilliant shot of the icon of Boeing, the 747 is the best to be maneuverable yet expose so great display
Just fantastic,wish I was there :)
Dwight Hartje
Great shot! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
Fabio Alpelli
Congratulation Andrew, great shot!
Richard Myers
Beautiful picture of a beautiful aircraft. I love it!
Hey Andrew, great photo! I have a request - would you mind contacting me as I have a request from the guy who was flying this jet at the time (not me!). My email is davemitch(at)gmail(dot)com. Cheers, Dave
Great photo!
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Thankyou again to everyone for the positive comments, all 72 votes and to the 18,726 people who have viewed this image!!! I cant believe the views just keep coming!
ken kemper
Your photo is a "Once every 10 Year Fabulous Shot................

Everything came in to play for a phenomonal photo.
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Thankyou Ken! Everything really did come into play! This year a C-17 did the display but nothing like what beautiful VH-OEH did last year!! Didn't get a single photo similar...
james moreton
The Spirit of Australia in all its glory,✈ before I knew wtf was happening here I thought it must be having landing gear problems and doing a low pass so ppl on the ground can visually check if the landing gear is down. But the turn angle was way to sporty for that... Anyway nice photo 📷 pity it wasn't an A380 just for the wow factor..
Passionate about those birds! Thanx for sharing, Graham!
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Thankyou James Moreton, the photo has stumped a few people. I am glad you like it! The wow factor was right up there but this past year I was hoping for an A380 instead got a measly display from a C-17 which didn't come close to the 747.

Thankyou also Claudia Santos!
perry smith
This has gotta be one of the best. So close, so, oh so wish I had been there.
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Thankyou Perry, Really appreciate it!
Ezequiel Soares de souza
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Ezequiel Soares de souza, Thankyou!! Really appreciate it!
Grace Payne
I can't take my eyes off this photo... Definitely one of my favourite aviation photographs ever! A great capture of the 747 in flight!
Andrew Hunter-Graham Photo Uploader
Thnkyou Grace Payne, really appreciate the positive comment. I am so glad that you like it!! I fear that it was a once in a life time opportunity, as C-17's have done the flyby over the past two years. For the record, the C-17 flyby's have nothing on the display of this 747!!
1998年のVH-OEHに関する全資料を検索しますか? 今すぐ購入。1時間以内に入手できます。
日付 機種 出発地 目的地 出発時間 到着 飛行時間
2018年06月20日 B744シドニー国際空港 ()アルトゥーロ・メリノ・ベニテス国際空港 () 13時55分 AEST 11時35分 -04 予定済み
2018年06月18日 B744サンフランシスコ国際空港 ()シドニー国際空港 () 23時21分 PDT 06時19分 AEST (+2) 13:57
2018年06月18日 B744シドニー国際空港 ()サンフランシスコ国際空港 () 13時35分 AEST 09時28分 PDT 12:53
2018年06月17日 B744香港国際空港 ()シドニー国際空港 () 20時51分 HKT 07時34分 AEST (+1) 8:43
2018年06月17日 B744シドニー国際空港 ()香港国際空港 () 10時57分 AEST 17時48分 HKT 8:51
2018年06月16日 B744東京国際空港 ()シドニー国際空港 () 22時14分 JST 07時37分 AEST (+1) 8:23
2018年06月15日 B744シドニー国際空港 ()東京国際空港 () 21時19分 AEST 05時17分 JST (+1) 8:58
2018年06月14日 B744OR Tambo Int'l ()シドニー国際空港 () 19時31分 SAST 15時02分 AEST (+1) 11:31
2018年06月14日 B744シドニー国際空港 ()OR Tambo Int'l () 11時30分 AEST 16時59分 SAST 13:29
2018年06月13日 B744香港国際空港 ()シドニー国際空港 () 21時15分 HKT 07時12分 AEST (+1) 7:57
2018年06月13日 B744シドニー国際空港 ()香港国際空港 () 11時06分 AEST 18時40分 HKT 9:34
2018年06月12日 B744香港国際空港 ()シドニー国際空港 () 21時16分 HKT 08時00分 AEST (+1) 8:44
2018年06月12日 B744シドニー国際空港 ()香港国際空港 () 11時22分 AEST 18時08分 HKT 8:46
2018年06月 5日 B744ロサンゼルス国際空港 ()シドニー国際空港 () 23時44分 PDT 06時37分 AEST (+2) 13:53
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