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cool shot
Great photowork, Chris... thanks for sharing with us!

Don't usually see these aircraft like this... more likely flying over a field and not parked in one. But this is definitely "5" stars.
Greg Byington
A very nice photo!
Chris Collinsworth Photo Uploader
Thank you everyone.
serge LOTH
what happen?? where is the farmer? lol
Yes to everything everyone has said here, and a beautiful composition, to boot. Great share!
Mark Henley
Dusting a little too low on this pass, huh?
independance day!!!
jim garrity
More like "plowing"!Or the Air park was trying to mow the strip?
Jim Smirh
Getting rare to see non-turbo rigs, roo!
Daniel Stein
Not a lot of obstructions on the approach path.


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