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Boeing 747-400 (HL7448)




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Greg Byington
Beautiful! Nice job, Uwe!
Uwe Zinke Photo Uploader
Hi Greg!!
thank you, the same day as my last 748 LH!!
Greg Byington
Bitte sehr! Thanks for the great shot!
Dave Sheehy
Fantastic shot Uwe!
Uwe Zinke Photo Uploader
Hi Dave!!
thank you!
the best light in 2016 after,heavy rain. First bad weather than heavy rain around Frankfurt. Suddenly a big hole in the dark clouds and the sun was up, hot and yellow for 25 minutes. After this time no sun no light!! The 747-8 was departing at the same time
greetings Uwe!
Oliver Holzbauer
Really nice colours
Uwe Zinke Photo Uploader
Filippo Antonelli
Super! Bravo!
Steven H Wilcox
Wonderful setting! Colorful bird with God's Promise as background.
Uwe Zinke Photo Uploader
Thanks Steven, but the rainbow is not the backround. The airliner is it, have a look for the colour of the engines, illuminated in rainbowcolours!
greetings Uwe!
Uwe Zinke Photo Uploader
thanks Filippo!!
Marie-Jeanne Negreanu
Une merveille la photo ! J'aime tout ce que vous m'envoyer. Merci !!!
Linda Nitzschke
This jet is making a rainbow run. Imagine what Rod Serling might have come up with, with this kind of setting....?
marylou anderson
love that rainbow!
Uwe Zinke Photo Uploader
thank you
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